Isle Of Wight Company Prepares for Global Software Launch

Published on August 14, 2019

MyCRM announces launch of groundbreaking software. New geospatial cloud platform, Mapsimise, is set to revolutionise business data analysis and map connectivity.

MyCRM, based on the Isle of Wight, is building up to the worldwide launch of its new mapping technology suite. Mapsimise will enable businesses to connect live data from Salesforce, SugarCRM and Microsoft Dynamics. Using other services with Google Maps and, crucially, store it all securely in the cloud. 

Organisations of any type will be able to visualise and map data, either via connectors or by uploading data to create representative maps. These geospatial technologies will help businesses to build targeted mailing lists by location and help sales teams plan appointments by location.

There’s no shortage of mapping technologies currently available – but to date, many have been created bespoke to each client, with specific needs catered for. This has lead to mapping tools being considered a niche area of software development. Mapsimise spotted a gap in the market for technologies that offer minimal setup and configuration, yet are highly visual and affordable, without compromising on the functional range. MyCRM are also committed to the accessibility of data mapping software: Mapsimise’s GO package is free for single users wanting access to the core mapping features and small data sets.

CEO Alistair Dickinson explains how Mapsimise is set to revolutionise the way businesses operate services, “Mapping and geospatial tools are not a new invention, but what is new is the approach we have taken with Mapsimise to build and offer a cloud-based cost-effective service. Any business will be able to adopt these tools on a minimal budget, offering a quicker return on any investment made. This, in turn, helps businesses to make better use of address-based data across business functions on a daily basis.”

Dickinson expanded on the story of Mapsimise, “For the last decade MyCRM has been helping business customers to incorporate mapping functions in order to boost marketing and sales activities. In 2017, we decided the time had come to build a software service that would give far greater functionality for business owners; one that would connect to a range of CRM and database systems giving users easy access to mapping tools.”

Mapsimise will be released in late 2019, hosted with data centres in the US and the EU. The fourth quarter will see additional language packs and features added. Route planning, territory visualisation, job management, data filtering and presentations along with analysis and presentation on maps will all be included in Mapsimise. Data set filtering by location will be enabled by an advanced query builder, perimeter searches, and drawing tools. Additional language packs and features are due to be included late 2019.

Registration opens in August for the early adopter program. Businesses who get involved will benefit from 60 days of access to Mapsimise Pro for free. 

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About Mapsimise

Mapsimise is the newest offering from MyCRM, a software development company growing into its eleventh year with a range of platforms and technologies. MyCRM specialises in building solutions for businesses incorporating customer-focused components.

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