Jackie Bradley, Co-Founder of Mindshift Financial Coaching, Interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast

Published on March 9, 2022

Let’s be real - the financial advising industry is CHANGING And the future will be bright for advisors who embrace this change today (like shifting to charging for financial planning) and set themselves up for success in the new era of financial services.

Mindshift Financial Coaching shows financial advisors how to leave behind an increasingly outdated, commission-only advising model, and start using a less transactional, sales-oriented approach which prioritizes the best interests of both advisors and their clients.

Mindshift’s unique method of (re-)training and coaching financial advisors on how to run their practices in a way that aligns with helping their client’s to make better financial decisions, also enables financial advisors themselves to run more sustainable (and, most of the time, substantially more profitable!) practices and teams.

Jackie, along with Ben Skupp, CHFC & Steven Kaplan, CHFC are the founders of Mindshift Coaching, a coaching and training company built by financial advisors for financial advisors.

Ben & Steve are the founders of Holistic Financial Planners LLC. Ten years ago, they shifted their business to focus on advice and guidance, charging their clients on an annual basis. Since making this shift, they have collected over $1.5M in planning fees and delivered nearly 600 financial plans. Organic results of this shift include:  increasing investment and insurance implementation, gaining back 50% of their time, deepening client relationships, increasing client retention, and virtually eliminating the need to market.

Jackie rounds out the team as one of the most recognized Teaming Coachesin the industry. She has coached 1000s of teams of all shapes and sizes and is an authority on the unique areas advisors face. Her coaching has helped advisors achieve breakthrough growth while achieving freedom from the areas of the business that bog them down. Jackie holds a master’s degree in Organizational Dynamics and Executive Coaching from the University of Pennsylvania.

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Joe Leary, CFA, CFP®, CPA, MBA said, “I doubled down on the Mindshift Program after 2 meetings because the value I got from the organization as a whole was so strong. They tailored the program to exactly what I need- It was my agenda! If you are debating pursuing Mindshift, I would encourage you to go for it! I experienced growth of 10 – 15x at a minimum over what I paid in less than a year.”

Bradley commented, “If you are frustrated with your financial services practice … If you take your clients through a sophisticated planning process for free, hoping the client will pay you through asset management fees or commissions … OR if you are charging financial planning fees sporadically but want to make financial planning your focus … there is a better way! We want to help you make the shift into a pay structure and business mindset that compensates you for your expertise, your time, and the products you believe in. Our process takes guidance, accountability, and a solid plan to set yourself up for success in the new era of financial services. We invite you to learn about our 12-month and 6-month Flagship programs and how we can help you adopt a proven approach to get the compensation you deserve.”

About  Jackie Bradley

Jackie Bradley is one of the most recognized “Teaming” coaches in the financial services industry having coached 1000s of teams of all shapes and sizes.

An authority on the unique areas advisors face, she helps teams scale 7-figure businesses while achieving freedom from the areas of the business that bog them down, gaining back their time and happiness.

Learn More: https://mindshiftfinancialcoaching.com   







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