James M. Burgess Tops Amazon Best Sellers List

James M. Burgess of FOCUS31, Bestselling author of “CHAOS” Tops Amazon Best Sellers list in Multiple categories.

James M. Burgess has a long history of working with small businesses to boost leadership qualities among management and giving business owners the tools they need to develop the focus their activities need to drive business success.  Now, Burgess has released his long-awaited book, which has hit the Amazon Best Sellers list January 27th 2015 under multiple business categories. CHAOS:  How Business Leaders Can Master the Power of Focus

This book focuses attention on how small business owners and others can plan for success. 

 According to James Burgess, “Business planning is the oldest tool known for business success, so why do so few small business owners engage?  They generally recognize that planning is important, but perceive it as an arduous process.  Business planning is in fact easy, fast, sustainable and entirely practical when it is approached on the basis of ‘get it down then get it right.’ It isn’t a task but a process for creating a culture of business planning.”

Burgess’s book emphasizes that business planning is essential for companies of every size.  In order to make this task easier, Burgess is offering a Kindle copy of CHAOS for $1.99 to anyone who buys during this limited time launch period .  Once the launch period has ended Burgess will be retailing his Best Seller valued at $44.95, which includes the Equation for Success, 5 Secrets to Effective Business Planning, techniques to immediately increase revenue, 5 Steps to Creating a Vision for Your Business and much more.

With help from business expert James M. Burgess and his new book, business owners can find the answers to common business planning problems and plan effectively for increasing their revenue.

About James M. Burgess:  James Burgess is the author of CHAOS; How Business Leaders Can Master The Power Of Focus and “No Problem” Is The Problem; How to Attract and Retain Raving Fans.  James is the Founder of FOCUS31 and Synergen-X Management Consulting, Inc.  He is also a Fellow of the Institute of Canadian Bankers, an Accredited Associate of the Institute for Independent Business and is a Licensed Affiliate of the One Page Business Plan Company.  James is also a Director of the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce and sat on the York Regional Small Business Enterprise Centre’s Advisory Board.

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