Jason Bartels, Founder and CEO of FunnelMentor, Featured in Amazon Bestselling Book Expert Profiles

Published on May 14, 2019

FunnelMentor Founder and CEO Jason Bartels, Discusses How He Helps Businesses Turn Their Leads Into Seven-Figures And Beyond.

He was recently profiled in, “Expert Profiles Volume 8 – Conversations with Influencers & Innovators,” which hit Amazon.com’s best seller list on May 1, 2019, climbing to Number One in the Service Industries category and Number Three in the Business Ethics category. The book was also an Amazon Hot New Release in the Business Ethics and Service Industries categories. Expert Profiles contains powerful and fascinating conversations with passionate, dedicated and driven individuals who have played such an influential role in the success of so many others.

With his background in starting multiple companies, Jason Bartels quickly learned that “it’s really about building an automated marketing system that targets your perfect client, so you’re not wasting time on unqualified leads that aren’t in the market for what a company is offering.”

When seeking to acquire higher-value clients, businesses need to start with the foundation by clarifying; who their perfect client is, what message will speak clearly to this prospect, and finally, having a signature offer that makes their company stand out from the crowd. This “Clarify Phase” is the foundation of a marketing plan, and after it’s in place, then the rest of the marketing funnel can be built out.

Jason has learned throughout his career that most business websites are jumbled and cluttered, making it difficult for prospects to find what they need. Sometimes it’s hard even to find a way to reach out to the business for more information.

A marketing funnel is clear, concise and it immediately tells visitors what the business can do for them. Equally important is that the call to action (CTA) button is easily visible and its purpose is spelled out. This CTA should also be utterly unfettered by other items that are attempting to grab the viewers’ attention.

His signature offer, the Client Acquisition MAP (Marketing Action Plan) helps Jason turn his passion for funnels into results for his clients. Instead of merely showing them how a single piece might work, Jason’s system provides his clients with access to all the different parts that make up a focused and compelling funnel.

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