Jason O’Neil, Founder of E-Com Solutions, Announces New Podcast on The Business Innovators Radio Network called “The E-Com Marketplace Secrets Podcast”

Published on January 18, 2021

About his podcast, “The E-Com Marketplace Secrets,” Jason explains “it brings you tips, tricks, and strategies on how you can succeed by selling in online shopping marketplaces like Amazon. You will learn the very best way to increase your sales on Amazon by leveraging our Wholesale distribution SEETS method – a solution geared towards connecting distribution for Brands and retailers through the Amazon.com marketplace.”

The E-Com Marketplace Secrets Podcast” is featured on the Business Innovators Radio Network where listeners can find current and upcoming episodes  


O’Neil continued, “I know where you’re coming from. I’ve been a retailer for nearly a decade and have worked hand-in-hand with product wholesalers for the past 4 years. But, more importantly to you, I’ve helped brands and resellers generate more than $375 MILLION worth of product sales on Amazon to date. My vetted, highly trained team and I serve as both turnkey store builders/operators, or as reliable (and even exclusive) done-for-you distributors. Our goal is simply to maximize sales while giving you complete control of your brand’s image, reputation, and distribution on the #1 largest online retailer in the U.S. Amazon is a virtually limitless marketplace. You’re just a few small “tweaks” away from unlocking its true potential for your brand to be #1 in your niche. We don’t just store and distribute your products for you – we’re on your side every step of the way.”



About Jason O’Neil

Jason O’Neil is the founder of E-Com Solutions, a solution geared towards connecting distribution for Brands and retailers through the Amazon.com marketplace. Jason is obsessed with helping brands and retailers be successful through a data driven distribution. Ultimately Jason’s long-term goal is to help connect distribution so Brands have more representation of their products, and retailers have access to more products to sell which creates a win/win for both parties.

 To learn more, please visit: https://www.ecomsolutions.io/





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