JC Soto, Founder of Online Media 360, Interviewed on Marketing with Russ, Discussing How to Become the Obvious Choice in a Prospect’s Mind

Published on April 15, 2022

Amazon Best Selling Author, JC Soto, recently appeared on the podcast "Marketing with Russ" to discuss what it takes for coaches, consultants, and professionals to stand out in today's busy business world.

Denver, CO – JC Soto, Founder of Online Media 360 and podcast host at Business Innovators Radio, recently sat down for an enlightening marketing interview on Marketing with Russ.

Marketing with Russ… aka #RussSelfie,” is a weekly podcast in which host Russ Hedge interviews amazing people who connect. It is a high-energy, short, fast-paced encouragement twice a week with a Videocast on YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn and audio podcasts on most podcast platforms.

During the interview, JC discusses the challenges that coaches, consultants and professionals are facing to get noticed and getting targeted leads. Why SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is still critical in online marketing and how to go beyond the first page of Google, to get the best results.

JC says, “The first page of Google has been the most coveted web search result position for a long time, but businesses that spend all the money and time to get to this first page, are not getting the results they are seeking – more targeted leads.”

In the podcast interview, some of the items discussed are:

  • The power of “who you are marketing” vs. “what you do marketing”
  • Going beyond being found on the first page of Google
  • The power of community building
  • Why trust triggers are critical to be able to stand out
  • Why educating your customers is as important as educating your prospects 

JC continued,” SEO is still a very important online marketing strategy for small businesses to get attention, to get noticed online. However, when a prospect arrives at the first page of Google results, for his or her specific search, that prospect is confronted with the reality of having to decide from many businesses with websites that look similar and that have similar content. There’s no differentiator. This is a powerful opportunity to stand out and create trust. This is one place where trust triggers can tip the scales in favor of that business .”

About JC Soto:

Bestselling author, coach and public speaker, JC Soto is a US Air Force veteran and the founder of OnlineMedia360.com.

He helps coaches, consultants and professionals to increase their visibility, credibility and trust on the web by applying online strategies such as lead generating websites, book publishing, press releases and podcast interviews.

He helps clients both in English and Spanish, who’ve seen significant increases in traffic and profits.   

In his best-selling book “Podcast Profits Blueprint”, JC reveals how podcast hosts can
leverage their podcasts to create a source of income and also create authority status in
their industry.

His unique method has been featured on the affiliates of ABC, CBS, NBC, Market Watch and
dozens of other media outlets. JC is a contributing writer for Small Business Trendsetters Magazine and Business Innovators Magazine.

He is also a podcast host at Business Innovators Radio.

He adapts proven strategies and experiences from the military into his clients’ businesses.

Learn more at: https://onlinemedia360.com

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