JC Soto, owner of Online Media 360 announces the launch of national press release service

Published on January 29, 2019

Press releases have been around for a long time, but they seem to have fallen out of favor among marketers. Online Media 360 strategies now includes national press releases to help small business owners to establish trust, increase visibility and turn prospects into customers or clients. A new generation of press releases that can also help improve search engine results.

In today’s noisy business environment, the chatter keeps growing louder. It has become increasingly more difficult for entrepreneurs, professionals and organizations to stand out. It has also become more challenging for potential prospects to differentiate one business from the next.

With this business trend in mind, Online Media 360 has launched a national press release service to help public speakers, coaches, charities, small business owners and professionals, to position themselves as an authority or experts in their industries.

Founder of Online Media 360, JC Soto, explains,”As you might suspect, there are a set of specific strategies necessary to be looked at as an expert or authority in your industry. It is anticipated that these strategies will be essential for businesses in order to have an edge on their competition. You know it is extremely hard to get into national networks like NBC, CBS, ABC, & Fox so you can become a celebrity in your field of expertise. We solve this.”

Online Media 360 provides their clients with a customized marketing strategy to communicate the business’ personal brand so that their ideal clients and prospects find them in the today’s noisy marketplace.

“By telling their stories in a press release, we help them rise above today’s noisy marketplace and chatter so that they become the only logical choice for their ideal clients and customers who want to hire them. These new generation of press releases allows us to Embed YouTube videos to add strong video search results in Google and boost viewer engagement. ”

Press releases have been around for a long time, but their prices have been an obstacle for small businesses and organizations with limited budgets. This new national press release service aims at making them affordable.

“This national press release service will also help to create trust, increase visibility and stay top of mind while helping the businesses position themselves as an authority. Authority or expert status, is today’s new marketing currency and without it, businesses won’t be able to compete. ”

JC Soto, owner of Online Media 360 also offers video marketing, email marketing, web design, social wi-fi, authorship marketing and Kindle publishing. For more info visit https//www.onlinemedia360.com

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