Jimmy Sweeney, Founder of HONESTe Online Shares Expert Copywriting Tips On The Trust Factor Radio

Published on June 4, 2020

Jimmy Sweeney recalls how he mastered the art of copywriting from lessons learned as a door to door salesman to building direct marketing companies and how they have influenced his HONESTe Online brand.

Have you ever stared at a blank screen and wondered how to convey your marketing message so people will understand it and take action to buy your product or service? It is a skill not many people have, but it is something that can be learned. 

Compelling copywriting is a technique that HONESTe Online Founder Jimmy Sweeney developed in the 1990s. He got his start as a direct marketer and copywriter, building successful mail-order businesses before the boom of digital content and advertising.

Sweeney is a pioneer of eCommerce and selling digital goods online. He has learned many lessons over the years on how to write copy that is not only effective but also compelling and persuasive without being too pushy.

He provided expert copywriting tips on the latest episode of The Trust Factor Radio with Neil Howe, including how to write copy that customers will trust and what types of copy work best for different campaigns.

Sweeney talks about his experience with selling info-products, focusing on how to use free reports and guides. These educational products were valuable introductory tools to future sales. He also shares the importance of storytelling in sales and how a good story can compel a reader to have an emotional response to take immediate action.

Sweeney talks about the early days of inbound marketing strategies, including a campaign that was entirely based on compelling, trustworthy copy: “I created an information product based on what I learned going door-to-door and people’s feelings about visiting a new auto repair shop, and I built this whole course based on honesty and trust…That’s where businesses can thrive.”

The key to mastering copywriting is to build trust with your reader. As Sweeney notes, it’s important to understand your audience and what motivates their loyalty to different brands, as this is a determining factor in creating trust with your words.

In addition, masterful copywriting creates urgency. Sweeney talks through some key phrases that persuade customers to act fast without pushing them with scammy language, which can be a huge turn-off to online buyers.

Another valuable lesson he learned with his marketing business is that you have to make copy “scannable” and easy-to-read. Much of content today is long-form and tries to answer a variety of questions for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes, but formating long text with subheads, quotes, bullet lists, and short paragraphs to make it easier to read. Otherwise, visitors may see blocks of text and jump off the page.

HONESTe Online provides all kinds of tips on copywriting and marketing, including helpful ebooks and articles that show business owners and marketers how to build up their online business. It’s also beneficial for any copywriter who wants to improve their persuasive writing skills and create the best landing pages.

To listen to Jimmy Sweeney’s interview on The Trust Factor Radio, visit: https://businessinnovatorsradio.com/jimmy-sweeney-founder-of-honeste-online-on-how-to-master-copywriting-to-make-people-take-action-and-buy/

For more information about Jimmy Sweeney and HONESTe Online visit: honesteonline.com/free where readers can sign up for a Free 30-day trial membership of HONESTe Online

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