Jodie Rodenbaugh Shares Secrets to Achieve Personal Fulfillment in Radio Interview

Published on June 16, 2014

Jodie Rodenbaugh, a “Chief Lifestyle Agent,” was featured on Influencers Radio show discussing the secrets to achieving personal success and fulfillment.

Jodie Rodenbaugh was the featured guest on Influencers Radio show with Jack Mize, discussing her secrets to achieving personal success and fulfillment.

Rodenbaugh works with highly successful business owners, CEOs, athletes and public officials who, on the outside, have all the trappings of professional success and fulfillment, but are missing it in their personal lives.

For Rodenbaugh, her passion for helping others achieve personal fulfillment and success is very personal.

“About six years ago, where I was kind of looking at my life, going gosh I’m at this point where I’m pretty freaking successful,” Rodenbaugh shared with Influencers Radio Host. “I have a husband who adores me. I love my career. I have two kids, one on the way. And I’m at the top of my game. I designed my home. Built it from draft paper on up. And I felt extremely accomplished as a woman, as a wife, as a mother.”

But Rodenbaugh’s “perfect life” was not destined to last forever.

“Shortly after that, the bottom fell out for me,” said Rodenbaugh “And my bottom was my husband was accidentally killed during a routine rotator cuff surgery. And I was fifteen weeks pregnant with our third child. That was the darkest of dark that I had ever experienced and I did not want to stay in that place whatsoever. And that was a time where I decided, I made a big decision to stand in this feeling of I am here to live. Like it’s either do or we die. And I’m here to live.”

Rodenbaugh decided she had to be “committed to life and love.”

“I know what it means to experience joy and freedom and all of it that we truly all want,” said Rodenbaugh. “So for the past five years, I’ve been building towards that and helping others do the same.”

For Rodenbaugh, this means redefining success in relationships and love, especially for individuals who have been very financially successful.

“With money, we can buy anything,” said Rodenbaugh. “We can buy sex. We can even buy love. Or so called love. We can buy adventures. We think we’re buying freedom. We have all this money to basically put out with whatever we want to, and yet, we’re still not getting exactly what we are, what we truly want, what we truly desire.”

For example, Rodenbaugh frequently works with highly successful men who find themselves in relationships where the woman does not share the same passion for life that they do.

“(The men) are trying to buy that happiness,” said Rodenbaugh. “They’re feeding her well. They’re buying her fancy cars. Buying her fake boobs. You know. Buying her beauty, basically. And in the meantime, she’s at home, drinking wine and popping pills to make herself feel better because her man’s not telling the truth. And that’s the ugly cycle that continues to happen, over and over again. Because the truth really is that this is not a relationship that I’m supposed to be in.”

Rodenbaugh works with her clients to help them discover their authentic selves and better connect with their true passions in life for happiness and fulfillment.

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