Joel Helfer, Owner Of Main Street Mavericks Radio Is Selected To Open A Radio Marketing Agency In Orlando, Florida

Joel Helfer, Owner Of Main Street Mavericks Radio Is Selected To Open A Radio Marketing Agency In Orlando, Florida

Joel Helfer, Owner of Main Street Radio opened a radio marketing agency in Orlando, Florida in January 2017. His mission is to take show guests one time 30-minute radio interviews and turn them into powerful marketing and public relations campaigns, that transform them into head turning local celebrities.

Entrepreneur Joel Helfer was selected to open a radio marketing agency in January, 2017.  He has a years of experience as a live radio producer in Chicago. He moved to Orlando exactly one year ago. His new radio agency will focus on serving small business owners, attorneys, doctors, dentists, chiropractors, contractors, and nonprofits.

Helfer’s parent company Helfer & Assoc LLC is doing business as Main Street Mavericks Radio. The new venture will help entrepreneurs position themselves as a local expert in their market using many different forms of media. The outcome and transformation of your good name is to get you seen, heard, and read everywhere, repeatedly, all from one radio interview.

“I am honored to build up this new venture”, said Helfer.

Times are changing and to attract attention to a brand, a business owner, or professional needs not only to promote their business, but also promote themselves as a brand.

People are moving away from liking a brand and instead liking the people who control the product or service. Radio marketing strategies are gaining mainstream appeal and business leaders are talking about it.

John Jantsch, author of bestselling Duct Tape Marketing said in an article for Entrepreneur Magazine “Building personal brand authority is perhaps the most important element of marketing today for a brand business or individual trying to get an edge”. It’s all about the right people believing in your point of view or way of doing business. You need to build a tribe of followers who like what you stand for.

A story on Fox News stated “The truth is, if you are not deliberately, systematically, methodically – or rapidly and dramatically establishing yourself as a celebrity, at least to you clientele and target market, you are asleep at the wheel.  You are ignoring what is fueling the entire economy around you, neglecting development of a measurable asset.” Namely, your own high profile, good name.

“I met Joel online in a coaching program and instantly I knew he was someone I needed to do business with. He freely shares his vast business experience and knowledge with everyone with no expectation of anything in return. He’s constantly helping others in online groups and in training calls.

Joel helped me become a quoted authority in just a few weeks. He clearly explained how his program works and the benefits I would receive. I was suspicious at first that he could get results so quickly but he proved me wrong by getting me exposure on ABC, CBS, NBS and Fox in just a couple of weeks.”  Ted Prodromou #1 LinkedIn Expert

Here is an entertaining, educational interview I did that explains how you can turn one 30-minute radio interview into a marketing and public relations powerhouse.
And you can use this signature interview repeatedly for years. Listen here to what you ought to know.

Per David Newman, a contributor for Forbes, “People no long trust ads, but they do trust people. More accurately, they trust the voice of authority.”

Helfer said, “I have a special place in my heart for this market. Here is a recent national article in Small Business Edge Magazine I did, highlighting 7 secrets to make yourself a celebrity

To listen to some of my current radio interviews which are heard on 20 different platforms including iHeart Radio and iTunes, go to my You Tube channel. here:

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