John Di Lemme, High-end Business Consultant, Endorses Sales Strategy in New Book Release Titled “Authority Selling” by Mike Saunders

Published on November 8, 2016

In the book “Authority Selling”, the reader will learn how to build and use a platform of Authority Positioning to separate themselves from their competition to become the obvious choice. There is an integrated Authority Selling Action Guide encouraging readers to implement their learning throughout the book, which is available on Amazon Kindle and in paperback version.
Saunders points out, “As you read this book, I want you to understand the simplicity of the concept of developing your Authority Positioning. This strategy is not meant to make you a national celebrity, but to establish you as the premier brand in your sphere of influence and build from there over time. Concepts in this book provide a powerful approach that allows you to strategically and subtlety connect with your target audience. When this is done in advance of them meeting with you, you are positioned as a credible Authority.”

Saunders continues, “Think about after you meet with a prospect, would boosting your Credibility and Authority help them make their decision in favor of you? When the sale does not happen during the meeting, you run the risk of losing momentum, so having a strategically-designed Authority Positioning Portfolio to leave with them will increase your chances of closing the sale.”

After his interview with Mike Saunders on Business Innovators Radio Network, John Di Lemme, High-end Business Consultant & Strategic Business Coach, reviewed his  book, “Authority Selling” and said,“The wisdom Mike lays out for you in this book will literally transform your results for your business. His Positioning proven secrets will radically explode your profits. Dig into the Book Right NOW!”

Using this concept of a strategically created Authority Positioning Portfolio, readers will learn how to easily and effectively implement the Authority Selling System in their business.

Limited FREE copies of the 162 pg. book, “Authority Selling” are available for shipment

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