John Mautner, Business Coach and Teacher, Speaks to Struggling Business Owners

John Mautner, Business Coach and Teacher, Speaks to Struggling Business Owners

Business coach John Mautner recently spoke to Small Business Trendsetters Magazine about his work which involves coaching business owners who find themselves struggling to survive. He reveals his strategy for helping these entrepreneurs to turn their struggling businesses around and begin to thrive. Throughout the interview, he explains his method of teaching business professionals the skills they need to succeed, and to be more than on-call consultants.

John Mautner dislikes nothing more than being called a consultant. That’s the message that came through in an interview that he gave to Small Business Trendsetters Magazine. Mautner is a seasoned entrepreneur who took a single-cart almond roasting business and turned it into one of the fasting growing companies in the United States. He rejects the term “consultant” because in his own words, “A consultant will give you a fish, and when you’re hungry again, you’ll call and say, ‘Give me another fish.’”

Instead, Mautner views himself as a coach and teacher who instructs business owners on the ways to breathe life into a struggling company. Throughout the interview, he uses words like “teach,” “coach” and “motivate” to describe his interaction with clients. He sums up his work this way, “I can really help businesses that are broken. Their sales are flat, cash flow is tight, the owner is working hard and they never achieve the dream results that they expected; that is a business I can really help.”

Throughout the informative interview, Mautner reviews the process that he follows to help business owners, and he reveals that he is currently writing a book that will detail this process. The book will focus not only on the process he uses to help businesses to thrive, but it will begin by identifying the top ten things that are killing businesses today. The book is based on the principle that Mautner has followed throughout his career, listening to employees, or what he calls “The Voice of the People.” Compiling what he has heard from clients, he identifies the three issues that most struggling businesses suffer from: a lack of quality control, poor communication and a lack of standard procedures.

Mautner talks about how he has always believed that the answer for any struggling business professional lies within that individual, and within the business itself. His main role, as he sees it, is to help the business professional find the right answer, and implement solutions that will help the business thrive.

He gives listeners anecdotes and humorous stories about his past interactions with clients, and how they often view him as a savior or someone who will buy the business and take it off their hands. He is quick to tell everyone that instead of being a savior, he is a teacher and coach who gives clients the knowledge and skills they need to turn everything around.

Mautner seems genuinely humbled to be singled out, and mentions that he often has to stop and think about the good work he is doing. As he said, “I know there are a lot of businesses out there which offer valuable services, so it is great to recognized on Small Business Trendsetters.” 

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