John Taylor Shares His Expertise with Young Entrepreneurs to Help Them Achieve Their Dreams

Published on February 1, 2016

John Taylor, owner of Keep It Marketing in Sandy, Utah mentors local youth though innovative Young Entrepreneurs program. Sponsored by the US National Chamber of Commerce, business owners donate their time to help kids cultivate and potentially develop their ideas.

Every year the US National Chamber of Commerce sponsors a program called Young Entrepreneurs. This program is actually facilitated by local chamber of commerce to help bolster the entrepreneurial spirit in sixth through twelfth grade children.

In this innovative program, these business-minded children take classes on the development of their business ideas, possibilities, pitfalls and the many details it takes to start and run a successful business.

Upon completion of this program the finalists will take their business plan, and its ideas, to be evaluated at an “Investor Showcase.” The investor showcase is a local equivalent to the popular television show, Shark Tank. At the showcase the panel will evaluate the creativity, and viability of the businesses presented by the contestants. The best ideas could actually receive further coaching and possibly funding to help launch their ideas on a bigger scale.

One of the unique qualities of this program is that local business owners and experts are asked to jump in and donate their time to help the kids facilitate and develop their ideas.

One such expert is John Taylor, the owner of Keep It Marketing, from Sandy, Utah. Taylor is taking his lifetime of knowledge and talent in marketing and business and passing it on to a select group of special students in this year’s challenge. Taylor is donating approximately 15 hours to help his team of students develop their unique businesses.

“I love working with the kids and helping them bring their dreams and goals to fruition if possible. I am encouraged for our country’s future when I see young entrepreneurs put their focus and creativity to the test. These kids are an inspiration to everyone they meet and I can’t wait to see how this years contest turns out.”

This year, Taylor is helping two budding entrepreneurs to develop their innovative idea about a new type of food truck program. Although the idea can not be revealed in this story, it is innovative and original enough to have a chance to be a big winner. He is also working with one entrepreneur with a marketing product she hopes will be the big winner.

The contest will conclude on March 20th, at living planet Aquarium in Draper, Utah where the judging will take place. It will culminate with an awards ceremony and a possibility for the teams with the best ideas to actually get funding to help make their dreams a reality.

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