Johnette Van Eeden’s Navigating Wellness – Creating An Effective Strategy for Cost Containment Hits Three Amazon Best Seller lists

Published on October 16, 2016

Johnette van Eeden published a best selling book on Amazon: Navigating Wellness, about how a well-designed wellness program can go a long way in creating a healthier and more productive workforce, while reducing claim costs.


Johnette van Eeden CEO of Star Wellness USA just published a book on Amazon and within a few days it hit three Amazon Best Seller lists. This book titled “Navigating Wellness” is a timely book about the trend toward comprehensive workplace wellness programs. 

With her unique understanding of how a good corporate wellness program can be a win-win for everyone involved she decided to pursue her dream and write a book about it.  

Ms van Eeden stated during an interview: “I always wanted to write a book on the subject because the U.S. workforce continues to be unhealthy and insurance premiums continue to rise year after year and as such it is urgent that corporations step up to the plate and provide wellness initiatives to benefit their employees and I hope this book will help us get there.”

This book reveals the importance of corporate wellness in worksites, and also provides information for employees about their part in the process—through awareness, knowledge, education, and incremental lifestyle modifications, employees hold the keys to their own and their companies’ well-being.

After more than a decade of providing onsite medical screening and laboratory services to thousands of individual employees across the U.S. Ms van Eeden is a recognized leader in the field.  Johnette provides advice, insight, and perspectives on the trend toward the all-inclusive well-being of employees.

 “This book builds an irrefutable case on why companies need to provide wellness screening services onsite for employees.” said Tony Jeary – The RESULTS Guy™

 “Kudos to the author who carefully and consistently provides the information needed to encourage c-suite acceptance and implementation of onsite employee wellness screenings. It is a good read and an invaluable guide.” Said Mark J, HR Director

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