Jordan Klein Selected to Share Personal Silver Linings Story in Upcoming Toronto Business Special Edition of Bestselling Storytelling Book Series

Published on September 30, 2016

Toronto - Director of Operations of Shade Works Window Fashions, Jordan Klein has agreed to share his silver linings story for the new podcast storytelling interview series and bestselling book series The Silver Linings Storybook (Toronto Edition).

This new edition of The Silver Linings Storybook in Toronto will share as many as “35 Heart-Warming Personal Stories to Inspire and Connect You to Your Dream Business or Career in Toronto”.

Selected from dozens of applicants, Klein was interviewed to share his personal story in this new edition of the bestselling book series and new interview/storytelling podcast series, which is intended to create a new mastermind community of support for business owners and professionals at all levels in Toronto.

Each of the participants recognize that silver linings do exist in the most difficult experiences we have, and is eager to share the silver linings they personal enjoy, so that others experiencing similar struggles, can realize they’re not alone and receive support, inspiration, and helpful information on overcoming the challenges each of us faces. Klein’s story will launch on the podcast first, with the audio aimed to be picked up by education, HR, and psychology websites and podcasts, and then it will be included in the Toronto print edition available in print in December.

“I am honoured to tell my story for the hard working individuals feeling “stuck” in their current career and confused about the next steps. Coming from a kinesiology background and entering the Online Business world was not easy, but it provided me with a new challenge and opportunity to succeed. I am excited to be a part of the Silver Linings Storybook Toronto and share the Shade Works Window Fashions story with all of you.” Jordan Klein, Director of Operations, Shade Works Window Fashions –

Explaining the search process, the series creator and publisher Debbie Horovitch said, “This is an important book for me personally, as well as The Silver Linings Storybook/Storycast brand and community, so I’m really looking for a select group of self-aware and evolved business professionals, who demonstrate their position as true advocates for the success of new professionals in the Toronto community everyday. At the same time, we want participants who are committed to spreading the word about our charity benefactor who will receive 100% of the retail royalties, and more importantly, enjoy the events and exposure our communities can share and create together. We’re looking for people with an important story to share, that will help inspire other people going through a similar circumstance.”

Debbie Horovitch, the series creator is expanding her bestselling book series from a successful launch of Volume 1 in early 2016, to create special new themed editions of “the silver linings” for brands that represent geographic areas and for niche organizations, to replace the more common entrepreneur vanity-published books that are a “chapter” written about why they’re so great in business.

Horovitch explains why she selected Klein to participate: “Jordan’s experience with his career was to transition from a longtime career he was dedicated to, Kinesiology, into business management. Also referred to as a ‘Quarter-Life Crisis’ people in their 20’s can often experience personal feelings of insecurity when they find the image or title in the career they spent their teen and early adult education preparing for and dreaming about, doesn’t give them personal fulfillment. How to manage that transition, and not give up on your new direction, is a relevant story to share for any reader struggling with their choices and life direction, and looking to their social communities and the media for hope.” “Most people come out the other end in a better mental state, but this period of limbo can still result in a lot of pain and confusion.” says Ran Zilca, the Chief Data Science Officer at Happify and author of Ride of Your Life: a Coast-to-Coast Guide to Finding Inner Peace (a multi-contributor book including Deepak Chopra) when addressing the Quarter-Life Crisis phenomena in this LifeHacker article.  

Klein started his career firmly in kinesiology after studying it at York University and working with clients including the Vaughan Rangers hockey organization. He joined Shade Works before the business launched in January 2012 and works hands-on with clients to ensure their window fashions suit the style of their home, personality, and lifestyle. Shade Works clients include not only individual homes, but also small business and home developer companies, including Pratt Homes, Dawson Dental Clinic, DASH Beauty Bar, Katz’s Deli and also Waxon Waxbar. Their focus for clients is complete and ease of service from beginning to end.

Shade Works Window Fashions recently launched their new shopping experience (online and mobile) with an easy to navigate, user-friendly custom shopping experience to dress up your windows with both style and function. Customers can also order free samples right on their mobile phone. Shade Works offers shop-at-home services (with a local representative) in Toronto and Vancouver. One of Shade Works more popular new services is integrating home automation of window coverings to be controlled with a remote or mobile phone.

Copies of Volume 1 of The Silver Linings Storybook are available on Amazon in ebook and print format

Volume 2 is currently also in development and accepting international coauthor’s stories through October, and also set to launch this fall along with the Toronto 35 edition.

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