Joseph Estreicher Is Dressing The World For Success One VIP At A Time

Published on August 23, 2014

With the proliferation of photo sharing via social media, more and more people are feeling pressure to look camera ready all the time. Everyone needs appropriate clothing, but not every businessman, professional athlete or celebrity has the fashion sense or the time to manage their own image.

Enter: Joseph Estreicher.

Seeing a good niche market for his sartorial skills, Estreicher started his business, JBD Clothiers (, to cater to men who always want to look good, but lack the time or knowledge to effectively manage their respective images.

Estreicher says, “We help build and maintain wardrobes for business professionals and professional athletes. All at a place of their convenience. We focus on people that want to dress properly and either do not have time to shop or do not like to shop.”

Estreicher may want his clients to get all the attention, but he’s been getting quite a bit himself. Named to the list 10 Under 30 by, an online publishing arm of The Baltimore Sun, Estreicher is steadily recruiting more customers who appreciate his sartorial sense and his custom approach to making his clients looks good, at a cost they can afford.

By focusing on delivering excellent and personal customer service and hand selecting only high quality and carefully curated garments for each client, Estreicher delivers exactly what his clients are looking for – even if they choose to look somewhere else first. “I had picked out an outfit for a prospective client to wear at the Espy’s,” Estreicher relates. “A couple weeks before [the event], he called me and said some other company was going to dress him for the event and give him an outfit for free.”

Not one to be outdone, Estreicher, who was already dressing another attendee of the event, took the outfit he’d originally put together for the client who had turned his services down – just in case. His forethought came in handy when that client changed his mind at the event and asked for Estreicher’s services instead. “I had it in my car, pressed and ready for delivery,” he said. “He ended up wearing my outfit to the event and told me he got countless compliments.”

Estreicher gains personal satisfaction from seeing each of his clients look good before the media and the world. “I help people get a high quality product in a convenient way. In addition, I take all the time and stress out of the process,” Estreicher says. Taking all the stress out of the process is clearly something his clients appreciate as increased business from referrals and repeat customers boosted the growth of JBD Clothiers-74% last year.

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Company Name: JBD Clothiers
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Phone: (443) 983-0963
Country: United States