Joshua And Laura Meier Are Making Families More Secure In The Face Of An Always Uncertain Future

Published on October 1, 2014

Helping parents prepare for the worst in order to protect the best, Joshua and Laura Meier of the Meier Law Firm help clients set up legal and financial protections for their children.

Offering families the best estate planning and legal protections available in the event of parental incapacitation or death, the Meier Law Firm ( is serving families before their time of greatest need.

Headed by husband and wife team Joshua and Laura Meier, the Meier Law Firm puts its first priority on the youngest and most vulnerable family members.

“Our family trust and estates law firm guides families with young children and helps them create legal plans that ensure their children’s complete protection and well-being if the parents unexpectedly die or become incapacitated,” Joshua Meier says.

Working with the Meier Law Firm, clients can expect that: their children will never be placed in foster care or have a judge decide upon custody arrangements, their heirs and/or guardian will have access to finances set aside specifically for long-term care, their children will have the legacy of their parents preserved through the cataloging of special memories, their own wishes will be carried out, and their peace of mind will be secured by creating a concrete and legally-protected plan.

“We help families become stronger and more intentional and excited about their future together. We ensure that the children would never experience the terrible fallout that comes when parents become incapacitated or die without having any legal or practical planning in place,” Laura Meier says.

Unlike traditional law firms that bill by the hour, the Meier Law Firm uses a different billing system that puts client needs first.

“We create custom plans based on each family’s goals,” Joshua Meier says.  “We charge a flat fee so there are no hidden surprises and we offer a lifelong relationship with our clients so they truly feel like they have a lawyer in the family.”

In addition to offering services through their law firm, the Meiers offer regularly scheduled Kids Guardian workshops at no cost. These workshops help parents choose and declare legal guardians for their children in the event of parental incapacitation or death. At one of those free workshops, the Meiers were approached by a gentleman who requested a follow-up meeting to discuss securing more services.

“He met with Laura a couple weeks later and shared that his wife had recently passed away while giving birth to their second son. We were able to provide him much needed comfort and guidance and helped him get all of his legal planning in place so his boys would always be provided for and cared for if something happened to him,” Joshua Meier says. “This gave him a lot of peace of mind during a time of great heartache for him and his children. We continue to be there for our client and his sons as their lifelong trusted family advisor.”

Furthering the couple’s personal commitment to helping families, Laura Meier recently completed the soon-to-be published resource “Good Parents Worry, Great Parents Plan-Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning for Parents of Young Children”. Endorsed by lawyers, doctors, celebrities and CEOs, it is designed to help parents understand the legal and practical necessities involved in establishing guardianship and financial planning to safeguard their children.

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