Joshua B Lee, of Stand Out Authority, on the Hidden Profit Path Show

Published on October 23, 2014

Joshua B Lee shares his insights gleaned from over a decade in the sometimes seedy world of online advertising. He also reveals his vision for the future.

Joshua Lee’s entrepreneurial odyssey starts in humble fashion…on a couch in Huntington Beach California. It can’t be called rags to riches because it was his own couch. But it is a modesty to multiple millions story.

The intrigue goes deeper when he reveals a drunken $1.3 million incident at the Playboy club in Vegas. It starts with him gambling at the blackjack table. Add in the myth of multitasking with a game of “one-upsmanship” and the rabbit hole goes deeper. The final piece to this puzzle is grandma’s quote, “Nothing good happens after 2 AM”.

Dr. Seuss would be green with envy from this lesson.

Joshua B Lee’s entrepreneurial Odyssey has been a winding and he would say fulfilling one. It’s been fraught with hurdles and struggles, both personal and business, he’s had to grapple with and overcome. He’s even ascended to honorary member of the San Antonio Spurs!

Over the last decade he’s been a seven-figure player in the online advertising world. This is a sometimes seedy world plagued by fraud and a small but significant group of unscrupulous players. Like most industries, the majority of players are ethical and make every attempt to act in the customer’s best interest. But a few bad apples have given the industry a black eye.

Joshua operates with integrity in this industry. He prefers to focus on today and moving forward with his future vision.

Josh reveals in this interview, “The biggest thing businesspeople forget — consistently building their personal media brand. Nothing makes a sale happen easier or faster than authority. It’s an investment but the upside is your competitors aren’t doing it. It’s your instant competitive advantage.”

Joshua’s vision and purpose for his life is to mentor people down their best business path.

His wealth of experiences and seven-figure results are the bedrock foundation mentees can lean on to trust his advice and justify their investment with him. His mentees know he’s not some academic, proselytizing from an ivory tower. His advice is gleaned from his real-world business. It’s what actual people have opened up their wallets to buy, the ultimate proof.

He infuses his matter-of-fact tone with the simplicity and caring his mentees revel in. They know he’s not some disinterested advisor. They’re inspired by him being “in the trenches” with them, invested in their success.

His life and business path is helping tech challenged experts (or experts who know but don’t want to deal with technology, the web, and mobile apps).

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Company Name: Stand Out Authority
Contact Person: Clint Evans or Joshua Lee
Phone: 866-966-9968 ext 200
Country: United States