Judy Carlson, Fee-Based Fiduciary Financial Professional – Discussing the Importance of Tax Elimination Strategies Prior to Wealth Distribution, Interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast

Published on June 20, 2022

Judy Carlson discusses why it is so important to understand your “lifetime” tax liability.

Questions covered in this interview include:

  1. What is one of the most significant risks to the safety of our money, especially once wealth decumulation starts?
  2. Why have taxes become such a big issue in retirement? What has transpired over the past 40 years?
  3. Why are Americans paying so much in taxes during the years in which they are no longer “earning income” and even more so as they get closer and closer to life expectancy?
  4. Why are so few advisors talking to their clients about tax elimination strategies?

Listen to the interview on the Business Innovators Radio Network:

Judy explained, “Taxation during your retirement years is one of the biggest risks to the safety of your money. Over the past 30 years, taxes are the lowest they’ve been since the inception of the tax code in 1913. Why not take advantage of these low tax rates to convert your tax-deferred savings to after-tax savings, by paying the taxes and never paying taxes on that money again the rest of your life?! Go from Forever Taxed to “Never Taxed.” There are so many financial vehicles on the market today to systematically and strategically help you plan toward potentially paying 0% taxes during your decumulation years.”

Carlson continued, “Most financial advisors and planners manage your invested  assets. A few propose insurance-based strategies. We do both! We help you bridge the gap between “managed risk” (investment) strategies and “safe money” (insurance) strategies. We wrap your entire financial foundation, together with your future goals and dreams, into a comprehensive analysis of your investments, assets, lifetime taxation, retirement income, Social Security benefits, and protection should you have a chronic or critical illness or a long-term care event. We custom design and build your unique and strategic lifetime wealth plan. It’s flexible and fluid for the twists and turns in your road ahead. Lifetime financial planning, whether you start in your 20s or 70s, builds confidence, creates clarity, relieves stress, worry, and anxiety, and gives you a feeling of protection for your money.”

About Judy Carlson

Judy has been a CPA for over 40 years and has worked in the financial services business for most of her career. She is an independent fee-based fiduciary financial planner and an independent licensed insurance agent.

For the past ten years, Judy’s passion has been to Protect Families Financially using unique and innovative strategies typically not found in traditional financial planning approaches. Her practice bridges the gap between the investment and insurance sides of the financial services business.

Judy’s career has spanned public accounting, taxes, corporate finance, and education, and ten years ago, she transitioned from corporate planning to personal planning.

Investment Adviser Representative and advisory services offered through Royal Fund Management, LLC, an SEC Registered Adviser.

Learn More:  https://judycarlson.com  

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