Judy Durham Hits Three Amazon Best Seller Lists with “Even a Kid”

Published on December 19, 2022

“Even a Kid” by Judy Durham, reached Number One on Amazon.com’s Best Seller List in the Children's Money Books, Children's Money & Saving Reference, Homeschooling on December 13, 2022.

Judy Durham‘s recent release, Even a Kid: Financial Literacy for Kids hit Amazon.com’s best-seller list on December 13, 2022, climbing all the way to Number One in the Children’s Money Books, Children’s Money & Saving Reference, and Homeschooling categories. The book also reached Number Two in the Children’s Inspirational and Personal Growth and Homeschooling categories.

Durham’s book shares the story of Jody, a fourth-grade student who wants to earn money to purchase a bicycle. At school, Jody learns about many women who have achieved great success and sets out to start her own business. With encouragement and help from her mom and teachers, Jody starts “Jody Works,” a babysitting and senior buddy service. Throughout the process, she learns about planning, budgeting, saving, and giving back to the community.

Even a Kid will expose readers to the basic fundamentals of starting a business. The earlier a child learns about creating businesses and is introduced to financial literacy concepts, the better prepared they will be for the future. With some guidance, kids can learn that hard work, creativity, and determination will enable them to develop the necessary mindset to make their dream a reality.

In response to the book hitting the Amazon Best Sellers lists, Durham stated, “For me personally, hitting #2 in the Children’s Inspirational and Personal Growth category was the most rewarding. This was my purpose in writing the book. I wanted to inspire kids to realize how powerful they are when they understand personal finances and decide to use that power, whether they open their own businesses or just earn money in other ways. Learning the value of saving money for future use is a life skill that kids find difficult to practice. I also wanted to provide a model and reasons to give some of that money to others who might need help so that they will develop a charitable heart in themselves.”

The subject matter in Even a Kid is a hot topic and a must-read for children eight to ten years old.

About Judy Durham

As an educator for 35+ years, she has taught Kindergarten through post-graduate classes. Judy founded a Christian school in 1998, serving as principal, instructional coach, and classroom teacher. The school opened its doors with 120 students and 29 faculty members whom she recruited, interviewed, and hired to teach in grades K4 through 12. By 2001, the school had become fully accredited. She has written curriculum for language arts, social studies, math, and science. In her personal life, Judy has been committed to paying forward the help and financial education she received as a single mom, not knowing where to turn. She will be forever grateful for her brother, who helped her with budgeting, career planning, and investing. Judy lives in Greenville, South Carolina, with her husband, Charles. She has two kids and four grandkids and enjoys spending time at the lake. Her greatest passion is to help others overcome their fear of writing so they can share their testimonies, which she refers to as “Heart Songs,” for those who need to hear them most.

Even a Kid: Financial Literacy for Kids is now available on Amazon.com at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BPJNRX2Z/

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