K-12 Teachers Get The Edge Over Technology In The Classroom

Published on May 14, 2019

TLC announces new accredited courses to address technology in the classroom - by using it to actually improve student focus and learning.

Teacher’s Learning Center has released a new line of accredited continuing education courses for K-12 teachers which address technology in the classroom. It’s a modern day form of an age old issue. 

There was a time when passing notes in a classroom would trigger’s a teacher’s wrath. Looking back on it, that was probably the easiest thing to deal with compared to today. The fact is, kids as young as first grade are showing up with digital devices in the classroom. While it might seem obvious to simply ban the devices from the classroom, the use of technology is becoming far more unavoidable in the modern age.

TLC’s new courses by instructor David A. Beyers Ed.M. address technology in constructive ways for the K-12 classroom. As he says, it’s “Like judo techniques turning an opponents force against themselves. ” 

There is a viable use for technology in education. Children, tweens, and teens need training in basic technology skills. Not only do they need it, curriculum and policy demands it. For this reason, many educators seek to learn new ways to use technology in the classroom to their advantage.

One example is “gamification.” There’s a reason why video games are so popular among young people. Much of it has to do with how the brain reacts when engaged with such exercises. To this effect, using tech based learning games is an increasingly popular method to enhance lessons.  Mr. Beyers describes his new course Gamification In The Classroom as “How to swing the double edged sword of technology to actually improve student focus and learning.”

Innovative training on how to deal with technology in the classroom is becoming a critical need for educators. Society makes technology inseparable from everything else. It’s not enough to have procedural rules in a school setting. Learning how to properly guide the use of technology is a key towards managing it, rather than being managed by it. Technology is merely a tool. How and when it is used  can enhance learning, or be left as an annoyance and distraction. 

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