Karen D. Sparks, CDFA, J.D. , of Divorce Financial Strategists Examines the Issue of Spousal Support for Those in Divorce/Separation in a New Book Entitled, “Stress-Free Divorce”

Published on April 25, 2017

New book aimed at helping couples in Divorce/Separation features leading professionals

The new book entitled “Stress-Free Divorce” features Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Karen D. Sparks who shares her insights on how individuals in divorce/separation can work through the allocation of their marital assets and develop a process to approach spousal/family support issues.

Karen D. Sparks, CDFA, J.D., is the principal and owner of Divorce Financial Strategists located in Santa Clara, CA.

According to Ms. Sparks, “one of the biggest mental hurdles that individuals face in approaching spousal support is increased anxiety about their ability to maintain their current lifestyle and further, what will happen if this is not possible.”

In her chapter, Ms. Sparks shares some of the common questions that she receives in her practice such as “Can I reduce my payment by requiring the other party to obtain employment?“  or “Can my support payments be used as income to obtain credit and/or qualify for a lease or mortgage obligation?”

As regards the role that a Certified Divorce Finance Analyst can play in facilitating and providing effective solutions for the support discussion and the division of marital assets, Ms. Sparks outlines her four-step approach with the objective of ensuring that her clients are educated and confirmed in their decision-making process. 

Case studies from Ms. Sparks’ client engagements are included to illustrate how the analysis process works to reach various solutions. 

Here is how some of Ms. Sparks’ clients describe the experience of working with her through the process:

“I have worked with Karen D. Sparks as my certified divorce financial analyst for the past year and a half. She explained things we didn’t understand about the process and made sure we were very clear on all decisions we were making. Karen always kept us informed as to where we were in the process and how long certain things might take. Above all else, she was warm and friendly, and expressed sincere concern for everyone involved. Our sessions were tense at times but Karen always tried to lighten the mood and keep things as friendly as they could be. I found this very comforting considering that the process could have been cold and hostile. I highly recommend Karen for anyone entering into divorce negotiations.” SM

 “Karen D. Sparks was recommended to me as a Certified Divorce Finance Analyst  by a trusted confidante and turned out to be exactly the person I needed to see me through such a difficult and confusing time in my life.

 When I met with Karen for my initial consultation she was very direct and straightforward but with a compassion and empathy that gave me some comfort.  I didn’t have to figure everything out or go it alone.  I felt like she knew what I was facing and could help me through it better than anyone else I had talked to.  I appreciate her honesty at all times, her integrity and her wisdom.  Her advice has been solid, even if it wasn’t what I wanted to hear. She did a wonderful job of keeping our divorce very matter of fact and professional without being cold or uncaring. 

 Because of how Karen helped us work through this process together I feel we have salvaged a friendship and a co-parenting relationship that is way healthier than our marriage had ended up being.  That is a big win for us and for our young daughter.  I would highly recommend Karen to any couple looking to end their marriage with grace and dignity” CS

At the conclusion of her chapter, Ms. Sparks underscores the fact that, “Divorce finances can actually be complicated on some levels and require the specific application of certain analytical processes. More than anything, I want to empower individuals to be smart about the divorce financial process and additionally, I want to make sure that we go over and outline their requirements and goals post-divorce.”  

To read her full chapter, you can get the book “Stress-Free Divorce” on Amazon:  http://a.co/4cml9mN

To learn more about Karen D. Sparks CDFA, J.D., please visit www.divorcefinancialstrategists.com

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