Karyn Lynn Grant, Mrs. Global America 2017, Owner of The Joy Coach LLC and The Lullaby MOMMA Creates Night Time Nurturing Technique for Children and Millennial Moms

Published on April 22, 2017

Karyn Lynn Grant, Mrs. Global America 2017, Owner of The Joy Coach LLC, Lullaby M.O.M.M.A and The Lullaby Connection has created a Night Time Nurturing Technique for Children, Millennial Moms and Grand Moms. This technique positively influences the behavioral outcome of both present and future generations of children and establishes a level of nurturing beneficial for parents, grandparents and children as well.

For many children and parents, nighttime, sleep time can be a very comforting experience. For many others, it is not. It’s often more than just how a child is helped, how children can sleep through the night, adhere to a schedule or how to develop good sleep habits from childhood through adulthood. Life and many life experiences may cause behavioral problems at home with siblings and parents. In turn, these affect how everyone interrelates, feels about themselves and others, how loved they feel and how they love others.

Grant commented: “With the world moving into a new millennium, I wish to share the gift that I received in my childhood. I had a mother who tucked me in every night at bedtime. Through her, I experienced a rich legacy of nurturing love and warmth; a legacy I wish now to pass on to my grandchildren and fellowmen.

When my children were grown, I began to turn my heart towards the children of the world, those who were experiencing similar situations that my children had experienced in their younger years. I knew that there were many children who go to sleep, night after night, without the nurturing that they might have received if they had a nurturing mother like my own angel mother.”

We live in a time when children’s childlike faith needs to be rekindled and a resurgence of hope for a glorious future fostered for parent and child alike.

In a world of constant change and upheaval, coming to understand the need for emotional and spiritual well being is evident. Children need their broken hearts mended as do mothers and fathers.

“We are striving to become better examples as we connect with our children each day. These are all critical concepts of the tender work we are doing as Millennial Mommas and Grand-Mommas,” says Grant.

The goal is to correct, interact and connect compassionately with individuals and children who stand in need of an increase of tenderness, love and compassion. Grant’s Night-Time Nurturing Technique uses kindness, empathy and compassion through the medium of music, therapeutic touch, aromatherapy, lullabies and guided visualizations and seems a solution to the nurturing that many of us need these days.

Grant shared: “Writing the lullabies was a gift from God. Lullabying my children to sleep was the expression of my motherly love. I never realized as I was writing the lullabies or singing my children to sleep, that one day I would pass through a divorce and be void of the experience of tucking my four children into bed every night. The CDs were filled with songs and stories that I packed in their suitcases and sent with them on their visits to their father’s home. My children were lullabied by the sound of their own mother’s voice, night after night, during those critical years when children need to feel that nurturing influence of a mother. The connection we create with our children can be life-saving in their teens, as it was for me and one of my children.”

Grant went on to say: “I am excited to finally launch the http://www.lullabymomma.com website featuring The Lullaby Connection.”

The Lullaby Connection is a series of eight CDs, written and sung by Grant, created to nurture and comfort the hearts of children.

“Millennial Moms and Grand Moms need beautiful tools in which to enrich the spiritual, emotional, mental and social growth of their children. The intention is to provide a nurturing technique for Millennial Moms and Dads, grandmothers and grandfathers, to bless the hearts of little children right before they go to sleep.

We are preparing the hearts of children everywhere for a new millennium. In that preparation, I believe that if we share the nurturing power of songs that unite the heart, mind, body and spirit, our children can mature into happier, healthier adults,” concluded Grant.

For her excellence with women and children, Grant has been awarded the “Mrs. Global America” title by Bernadette Wolfe, Executive Director of Global America. There is a photo shoot scheduled for May 19, 2017 in Utah.

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