Keaira Turner, CEO/Lead Publicist of KGT Communication LLC Has Signed a Book Deal to be a contributing Author to Black, BRILLIANT, & Beautiful published by T&S Publishing, LP

Published on June 30, 2020

Keaira Turner, CEO/Lead Publicist of KGT Communication LLC a Women of Color Owned Business, has signed a book deal with T & S Publishing, LP to be a contributing author in the next best-selling professional book "Black, BRILLIANT, & Beautiful". Look for it on Amazon in Winter 2020.

In general, women of color face numerous challenges in business. However, while many women have and are making significant strides in the business world, they still grapple with seemingly insurmountable obstacles as entrepreneurs. This new book titled: Black, BRILLIANT, & Beautiful is designed to give real insight and exposure to the real obstacles Women of Color are facing today. This group of entrepreneurs have come together to share individual truths, facts, and knowledge about various obstacles they faced as a Women of Color and how they endured and overcame them. Who better to learn from and help improve the future of Women of Color in Business than those who walked before you?

Keaira is a determined and inspiring young woman of color who has an interest in helping up and coming brands. For over three years, Keaira has worked with independent artist, local small business to help maximize their exposure through securing magazines and blog post and using organic social media posting to gain the attention of their target audience.

KGT Communication is a communications firm located in Birmingham, AL. They specialize in media & public relations, brand development and social media management services to five different divisions within entertainment and lifestyle industries. KGT is focused on quality rather than quantity. They pride themselves by delivering traditional PR tactics with a ‘twist’ to relate in today’s society. Through active engagement with various industries, KGT Communication offers clients innovative ideas to help drive success. KGT Communication is focused on driving results and how to take “your brand in mind” to the next level.

When Keaira was invited to join this book she stated, “I am honored to be a part of this book because I feel that I am able to use my voice through this book to speak on why women empowerment is important. I feel that I’m able to inspire other women of color to look beyond the superficial and find that light that they have inside.

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