Keith Agoada the CEO of Producers Market Speaks at Inaugural Crypto Business Forum In New York City

Published on June 28, 2018

New York, Times Square, Keith Agoada CEO of Producers Market after a worldwide search of Crypto and Blockchain CEO’s speaks at the inaugural Crypto Business Forum Showcasing Innovators in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology that was held on March 26th, 2018 at NASDAQ Times Square. Hosted by T. Allen Hanes of The Authority Syndicate Group and Matthew Loughran of Midtown West Media.

Keith Agoada is one of 18 hand-picked top Crypto and Blockchain business leaders from around the world each sharing their unique vision on how they are disrupting business using Blockchain technology.  This Event and Experience at the prestigious NASDAQ in Times Square was held on March 26th, 2018 with VIP Investor mixer the evening of the event night, March 26th.

Keith Agoada, CEO has worked in the supply side of the agricultural industry for the past decade initially as the founder of commercial urban agriculture firm, Sky Vegetables, and over the last four years in international procurement development roles for UNFI, Global Organics, and Veg Fresh Farms. Keith speaks four languages: English, Spanish, Farmer, and Buyer. He maintains on the ground relationships with leading growers and packers in Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Panama, Argentina, Nicaragua, Bolivia, and Peru. Keith’s passion for supporting producers is the inspiration for the Producers Market.

Producers Market empowers producers; those who grow, process and add value to the agriculture system worldwide.

We use digital technology to share their stories and to establish direct sales channels between producers and wholesale buyers globally.

Our vision is for Producers Market to be the sales representative “intermediary” that gains transactional market share by providing the lowest cost solution to global trade.

We believe the global agriculture value chain will be a major driver for the regeneration of our environment, community and culture in the 21st century. It begins with transparency, and authenticity as the key tools to creating trust in an otherwise chaotic business environment.

Innovation in communications, software, database, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technologies provide new opportunities to empower producers via direct business relationships and the elimination of cost centers (i.e. middlemen).

Over a dozen leaders and industry insiders in cryptocurrency gathered in New York on Monday, March 26, 2018, for the Crypto Business Forum New York. Roundtable discussions will uncover what lies ahead for the future of blockchain. Designed to collaborate and learn from visionaries and insiders to share best practices and governance.

The rise of ‘the ICO’ in 2017 has been astonishing to watch. ICOs have followed the innovator’s dilemma disruption path in much faster timeframes than technology has. The VC and Angel investor market, which maintains a chokehold on development projects, has now been uprooted by a decentralized, democratic model of global crowdfunding, that in some cases, is producing returns in the 1,000% range.

With the diversity of each leader’s background, including Key Sponsors Uulala, a blockchain company to empower the unbanked, and U.S. Olympic Medalist Apolo Ohno’s organization HybridBlock , the group will collectively merge their knowledge. Industries in attendance include social impact, marketing and media, finance, data security, blockchain development, agriculture, cryptocurrency trading, personal development, fitness, cannabis, and sports financing. Each has navigated the ever-changing business landscape in the lightning speed crypto market and looks to further the impact blockchain technology can have on their respective industries.

Ohno, a founder of the new cryptocurrency exchange HybridBlock, will take an active role in examining the ecosystem for global exchange. Another notable Key Sponsor Oscar Garcia of the financial technology company Uulala has a focused social impact outlook to share what it looks like to bring millions of unbanked users into the formal economy. Joshua Ashley Klayman Kuzar is providing key insights into the global legal landscape around cryptocurrencies.

Not only did the event bring introspective from emerging platforms, but it also focused on disruption to legacy industries. 

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