Keith Hatchett, CEO Of GoInsurancePAL, Created The Solution To The Affordable Care Act & “How To Get Your Health Insurance Monthly Premiums To Go Down 50% And Your Benefits Go Up 100% Simultaneously”

Published on April 8, 2020

In this interview with Business Innovators Magazine, Keith Hatchett, CEO & Founder of GoInsurancePAL, talks about how he has the solution to The Affordable Care Act and how one can protect themselves from the bad parts of it.

Keith Hatchett, Veteran “Insurance Guru,” started GoInsurancePAL in 2011 after spending more than 25 years in the world of health insurance, life insurance, and financial planning. Since he has launched GoInsurancePAL, the company has experienced phenomenal growth. The reason is that he created the only known system that reduces the price and increases the benefits at the same time.

Today, Keith has thousands of clients with a persistency rate of over 95%, which is unheard of in this industry. Keith created the first-ever program in the United States that basically eliminates the main problem with “The Affordable Care Act,” also known as Obamacare.

He developed a system that lowers the monthly premium of health insurance 50%, all while increasing the benefits 100%. In addition, his system teaches you not only how to get someone else to give you the money to pay your deductible, but also teaches you how to receive a large amount of money to pay your other bills (monthly expenses) when you can’t. These dollars are paid directly to the client/customer “Tax-Free.” This process of lowering the price and increasing the benefits simultaneously is called “Hatchettization” or the act of “Hatchettizing” your health insurance program. Not only does this program lower the costs and raise the benefits but it also provides insurance agents with two commission checks and is a one of a kind program that incentivizes agents to do the right thing for their clients by correctly structuring the insurance without a cut related to the insurance agents paycheck(Commission). A presidential election can be won with Keith’s patent-pending business method process system. Many people and organizations have recognized Keith as the top insurance man in America!!!

Mr. Hatchett created a system that researches insurance companies and their products. The insurance companies on the GoInsurancePAL Master List have been totally approved internally by the GoInsurancePAL company product research division. These companies have excellent ratings and claims-paying history. In addition, Mr. Hatchett has spent tens of thousands of dollars creating videos so that clients, prospective clients, and uninformed agents can be educated through their insurance system with proper guidance on how the program works.

When clients allow GoInsurancePAL to be their insurance solution provider, they will experience lower monthly premiums, greater insurance protection, and a personal guide that protects them from the dangers of being set up improperly in the world of insurance.

“Hatchettization” Program Benefits Include:

  • Clients save 50% on average related to their health care premium costs each month.
  • Clients save in most cases 100% on average related to their out of pocket expenses.
  • Clients have extra money that was being paid to the health insurance company in the form of a low deductible, that now can be invested into a tax-free retirement.
  • Clients total out of pocket related to monthly premiums do not cost one penny more than what they were paying to the health insurance company prior to being enrolled in the GoInsurancePal program.
  • Clients receive living benefits by accelerating the death benefit on their term life insurance policies and experience the elimination of their out of pocket expenses.
  • Clients need for long term care insurance is virtually eliminated.
  • Clients need for disability insurance is virtually eliminated.
  • Clients receive dollars on a tax-free basis to cover their normal monthly bills in addition to tax-free dollars to cover the deductible and coinsurance.
  • Clients receive accident injury insurance and zero deductible dental insurance that covers all preexisting conditions out of the savings generated with a high deductible.

GoInsurancePAL offers a variety of insurance services for clients. These include:

  • Term Life
  • Universal Life (Tax-Free Retirement)
  • Term Life with Living Benefits
  • Health Insurance (Doctor Co-pay Plans/Health Savings Accounts)
  • Dental Insurance (Zero Deductible/Preexisting Conditions Covered/ No Dollar Maximum
  • Annuities That Avoid Stock Market Losses (Uncapped Growth Strategies Including The Transferring Of Qualified Money All While Getting Benefits That Include Low Fees, High Participation Rates, And Bonuses)
  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • HO4 Renters Insurance
  • Security Deposit Exemption Insurance
  • Premium Finance Life Insurance
  • Life Settlement
  • Legal Insurance

Mr. Hatchett, the CEO/Founder, is the leading authority on healthcare and it’s structuring in this country. He is an expert on health savings accounts and how one can benefit from their multiple related tax deductions.

He can teach you how to actually obtain a retirement cash savings account from your properly structured health insurance HSA. He is the leading expert in taking very complicated home office insurance jargon and making it so that anyone can not only understand it but can easily explain it to others. He is also the leading authority on how PPO discounts work and how HMOs can harm you with limited benefits. He also wrote the script and filmed a video on why the Affordable Care Act was really created and how one can protect themselves from the bad parts of it. Most people either choose a low deductible or a plan with too much out of pocket risks. Mr. Hatchett created a system at GoInsurancePAL that eliminates both stand-alone choices.

Finally, Mr. Hatchett created a system that allows business owners and CEO’s a way to meet their budgets and also obtain very low out of pocket healthcare. For Immediate help, go to their website

Mr. Hatchett states, “That enrolling in insurance without proper guidance is as dangerous as going whitewater rafting in a kayak down class five rapids. You do not know what you are doing and how to get there safely. You need to get into the GoInsurancePAL boat with our guides for safety and success, just like when one goes whitewater rafting and listens to us as your trusted guide”.

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This system can be implemented on a group or individual basis regardless of size.

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