Kelly Fidel Releases Her Newest Book Revealing The System for Scaling a Business with Total Freedom

Published on September 9, 2020

World-Renowned Business Strategist Kelly Fidel helps entrepreneurs and business owners grow their business with real, proven strategies so you can skip the trial and error and scale with total freedom!

In Elite Business Mastery,  Kelly Fidel releases her newest book, where she reveals her most powerful system on how to grow and scale a business by acquiring premium clients, who know your value and want to buy from you in today’s new world.

“I’m committed to creating a difference for entrepreneurs and business owners everywhere. Growing up in California, raised by a single mother and very little money, I sold avocados door-to-door at 9 years old to buy a pair of tennis shoes.  Today I break down my proven billion-dollar sales strategies to create a level playing field so anyone can grow and scale” says Fidel.

Elite Business Mastery is a book that will help entrepreneurs grow a business with high paying clients and total freedom.  These steps provide simplify growth to scale your revenue. Kelly is breaking the rules of business success and limiting beliefs that’s easier now than it has been for decades!

Fidel continues, “I agree with billionaire investor, Warren Buffett when he predicted, Women  will save the American economy and he is optimistic about America’s future because women are a major reason it will do so well. I’m committed to providing alternative education & success systems that change the way entrepreneurs learn, grow & scale so they make their greatest impact & contribution in the world.”

Proceeds from the sale of Elite Business Mastery will go to the No Glass Ceiling ® Foundation which contributes back to the Alzheimers Association, and stopping sex trafficking by helping young girls ages 11 – 17 to take them off the streets and help them start a business so they have a better life and future.      

Elite Business Mastery is available on Amazon. Get your copy here, Elite Business Mastery has an average 5-star review rating. Here’s what some of the reviewers have said:

“This is an amazing book! A must-read for any business owner or entrepreneur. Kelly’s step-by-step proven system on how to position your business and then grow with clients you want to have is packed full of knowledge and information you won’t get anywhere else. If you are struggling to grow your business or have hit a plateau, this is the next book you should read.” – Cliff

“Kelly has written an exceptional book to scale your business. The most important part is the systemization she used to build businesses. Kelly brings to the table the hard facts about scaling a business and gives secrets no one else will tell you because it’s never easy, it’s always simple. Learn from Kelly, she’s the master at teaching the principles that can help you design an exceptional business!  – Jolie

Though these world-class programs, books, and online education courses, No Glass Ceiling ®, The Powerhouse CEO ®, and The Powerhouse Entrepreneur ®, she has helped over 100,000 entrepreneurs connected through 72+ countries to break through barriers and build fearless empires.

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About Kelly Fidel

Kelly Fidel is an award-winning Entrepreneur and World-Renowned Business Strategist. She has created one of the most successful online educational organizations in North America, No Glass Ceiling®

As Founder and CEO of No Glass Ceiling ®, she is changing how entrepreneurs and business owners learn, grow and scale their business profitably with faster than usual results.

Kelly is the Executive Producer of The Powerhouse CEO ® Podcast Show, where she hosts a cutting edge interview series featuring inspirational stories of some of the most powerful entrepreneurs on the planet!

Though these world-class programs and online education courses, The Powerhouse CEO ® and The Powerhouse Entrepreneur ®, she has helped over 100,000 entrepreneurs connected through 72+ countries to break through barriers and build fearless empires.

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