Kevin Martino CEO of Dollar Shots Club Flips the Energy Drink Market on it’s Head with new Natural Supplement Shots

Published on May 24, 2016

New Performance Lifestyle Brand "Dollar Shots Club" raises the bar for energy drink companies.
In the world of energy drinks, large quantities and high percentages of sugar seems to be the trend. For people looking to shake the afternoon drowsiness this may be their daily go to. But the benefits can be short lived and come with a crash afterwards.
There is a new product that wants to change all of that. Kevin Martino CEO of Dollar Shots Club has created a new way to get a daily boost.
“See, we are transparent in listing all of our ingredients. Whereas the very large Soda Corporations have all but purchased almost every major Energy maker out there or came out with their own. We all know the damage soda causes to our bodies, we can only imagine what can come from those large portioned energy drinks. Creating our own formulation, knowing where we source our product and constant creation and R&D allows our product to truly be considered the Performance Lifestyle Brand,” said Martino. 
But don’t look for this Dollar Shots Club in a local grocer or convenience store. Kevin Martino wanted to address two more problems associated with getting a daily boost. 
Martino said, “Most caffeinated products purchased from coffee shops will run you $4-$5, you’ll also take time to wait in line with everyone else trying to get their fix. Stopping by the convenience store for a product similar to ours will run you $3-$4 and typically taste disgusting.” He went on to say, “We solve both problems by keeping your schedule and bank account in mind. Dollar Shots Club delivers better tasting, more effective energy shots right to your door.”
Starting at $1 each the shots are available online at their website and can be ordered in custom quantities and flavors. “Set it and forget it, just join the club on our website, select your favorite package and supplements, and get them delivered to your door every month starting in just a few days. If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied, or you’ll be leaving town for a month, simply pause your subscription or cancel anytime… While we’d hate to see you go, we understand that things change,” said, Martino
Currently, the company offers a regular strength energy called “Pure Energy: Berry Blitz” and an extra strength energy called “Extra Energy: GrapenessXS”. They also have a relaxation shot called, “Pure Relaxation: Orange-Mango Meditation” which helps you unwind after a long day.

The company recently create a partnership with Red Fitness Lounge. Jamie Mushlin, Founder & Top National Trainer at RED realizes the benefits the product will offer his clients.

Dollar Shots Club are currently developing several new shots in different flavors to be released in the near future. Among new flavors for the aforementioned products, the company is exploring new formulations that include a workout blend, an appetite suppressant/fat burner, a sleep-aid, and a nootropic making it a true performance lifestyle brand. The company is currently offering customers their first month free with the promo code “DSCISFORME” .
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