Kitchen Dads Brand Is All About Fun, Food, and Family

Kitchen Dads Brand Is All About Fun, Food, and Family

Cliff Pelloni created Kitchen Dads to teach people how to have fun in the kitchen eating real food. His goal is to rescue family mealtime with simple recipes, one video at a time.

The Kitchen Dads brand started off as a way to preserve family recipes while teaching kids some basic cooking skills. Since its inception in, it has grown into a platform where both kids and adults alike can learn how to cook simple, healthy, delicious meals that their families will love.

“At the end of last year, I wanted to record my family recipes so my kids and one day grandkids could see them. I chose to do videos on YouTube and called it Kitchen Dads. The response has been incredible,” says Cliff. “I was contacting by a casting company for the Food Network, wanting me to try out for one of their shows. They told me they were looking for dads who loved to cook, and honestly there weren’t many out there.”

Geared toward helping those who may be new to cooking or are challenged with coming up with meal and snack idea, Kitchen Dads focuses on using real food ingredients and recipes which can be made in a short amount of time in order to get food on the table quickly.

“There are so many food options out there for families in a hurry, but a lot of that is junk; it’s reflecting on our health as a nation. I want to bring people back to cooking and eating together. I want to rescue mealtime” comments Pelloni.

Each week, Cliff posts new recipes, some featuring his two sons. The videos are informative, entertaining, and chock-full of valuable tips and tricks. Where some cooking shows can be intimidating, Kitchen Dads is accessible and just plain fun.

“I grew up with a family who loved to eat and loved to cook, and I want to pass on that legacy to my children. Through Kitchen Dads, I am teaching my boys about cooking real food in a fun way. I’m not a professional—I’m just a dad who loves to cook. A Kitchen Dad” Pelloni adds.

About Kitchen Dads: Kitchen Dads is all about teaching people how to have fun in the kitchen eating real food. With the motto of Fun, Food, and Family, Kitchen Dads serves up delicious, easy to make meals that are good for the body and good for the soul. To learn more about Cliff Pelloni and Kitchen Dads, visit the Kitchen Dads YouTube channel at or at the website.

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