Knoxville Pain Clinic Helps Chronic Pain Sufferers Relieve Pain

Published on January 19, 2015

People who suffer from chronic pain have options to get relief.

There are more than 100 million Americans who suffer from some form of chronic pain, the constant discomfort, aggravation and hopelessness that frequently results from the condition. “We are experiencing a cultural epidemic of chronic pain that refuses to diminish regardless of the amount of surgeries, prescription medications, and structural re-alignments directed towards it,” says Dr. Kate Flynn, D.C, a chronic pain specialist based out of Knoxville, TN.

 Pain is considered chronic when it lasts longer than six months, and proves resistant to changes in lifestyle, structural repair, prescription medications and/or surgery. Many chronic pain sufferers also must cope with peripheral symptoms such as sleep disturbances, intestinal discomfort and an inability to focus.

Barring an obvious physical affliction, the search for the root cause of chronic pain can be an elusive one. A surprisingly prominent culprit is psychological in nature. According to the conclusion of “Pain and Emotion: A Biopsychosocial Review of Recent Research,” published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, emotions are integral to the conceptualization, assessment, and treatment of persistent pain.

“Physical pain is only the tip of the iceberg,” Dr. Flynn concurs, “and efforts for its successful release are to be directed at the emotions that lie below the surface. This is often the foundation upon which pain is manifested. Otherwise, the release of pain will be temporary, as the causal forces will find a way to be heard until they are acknowledged.”

Diagnosing chronic emotion-driven pain can be a particularly daunting and disheartening process.  After all, there are often no physical indications of its origins, a dilemma that has often left doctors mystified and skeptical. Continued research has proven successful in turning the tides of thinking within the medical community, however, as more and more medical professionals are beginning to recognize the links between chronic pain, depression and additional anxiety disorders.

A study conducted by Harvard Medical School discovered that those who suffer from depression are up to three times more likely to develop chronic pain, and stand an equal risk of displaying symptoms of depression as a result of their condition.

“Feelings of being trapped by the past, being fearful of the future and feelings of isolation from family and friends, paint the bigger picture,” says Dr. Flynn, a chiropractor and healing specialist who frequently treats patients who have found little success through their family medicine doctor. “Guilt, punishment, separation, exhaustion, and fear are all factors when it comes to chronic pain.”

In an effort to serve these neglected patients, Dr. Flynn started the Alternative Pain Clinic, a comprehensive treatment center which offers an effective twelve month program for chronic pain sufferers. Following a thorough examination, patients will be administered a number of regimens that have been proven safe and effective in treating their condition, including cold laser and sound therapies. Even before their treatment begins, patients who visit the clinic find tremendous comfort from knowing that someone understands their struggles.

“We feel enormous empathy for those patients who have paid a great deal of money to other specialists and have been left with no relief from their symptoms,” Dr. Flynn says. “That’s why we’ve even instituted a money back guarantee. We wanted to send the message loud and clear that if our patients follow our program and don’t get the relief they’re looking for, then we don’t want their money.”

 Chronic pain sufferers can begin to find release from the prison of chronic pain by downloading   a free report, penned by Dr. Flynn, outlining nine simple steps to finding relief, at her website, or calling 865-681-4111. Knoxville residents can also schedule an appointment at the Alternative Pain Clinic, and enjoy a free 90-minute consultation, by calling Dr. Flynn’s office.

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