Kristine Forbes Presents Beyond Back Pain Chiropractic Solutions Speech At Defining Women’s Luncheon

Published on May 28, 2015

Kristine Forbes, C.A. spoke on alternative applications of chiropractic care during her spotlight speech at a Defining Women’s Luncheon on May 20, 2015.

Kristine Forbes, C.A. of Forbes Chiropractic shared top alternative chiropractic tips during her speech for Defining Women.

Forbes aims to educate prospects and patients on the holistic, alternative and individualized chiropractic options available to restore ​health, prolong life and ​relieve pain without drugs or surgery​.

Forbes husband, Scott Forbes, is the chiropractic physician at Forbes Chiropractic and he supports her spreading the chiropractic message of natural, drugless, non-invasive health care with a focus on the body’s ability to heal itself.

When asked why she speaks on the benefits of chiropractic care beyond back pain, Forbes​states, “​If a migraine headache — or other health ailment — is being caused by a misaligned vertebra, dysfunctional gland or an irritated or compressed nerve, that situation needs to be identified and treated, not just covered up with painkillers”.  

Forbes was chosen to speak at the Defining Women’s event because of her work as a patient advocate and educator. She believes her first-hand experience with the healing benefits of chiropractic results in a higher level of empathy with her audience.

Forbes, ​”Beyond Back Pain Chiropractic Solutions” speech covers:

  • A bio-energetic feedback method of testing the strength of various muscles in the body to support whole body care.
  • An alternative health investigation strategy that allows the skilled health practitioner to evaluate functional illness, which typically precedes disease.
  • Insights into possible underlying causes and solutions to various health problems.
  • A simple strategy to participate in chiropractic healing without high medical expenses, even without health insurance.
  • A specific non-force technique to balance the whole body so it functions at a higher level.

Basically, Forbes’ speech is designed to eliminate the common obstacles that stop potential chiropractic candidates from seeking this alternative health care solution.

At the close of the Designing Women’s Luncheon, Forbes was recognized for her commitment to helping patients save time, money and prolonged pain consequences.

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