Kurt Lucien of ExposureMarketingCompany.com Chosen For One-Of-A-Kind Branding Campaign

Published on June 25, 2015

ExposureMarketingCompany.com - Exposure and Management Consultant, Kurt Lucien showcased a unique personal branding campaign on June 24th on Facebook. Lucien is using a method known as “exposure authority branding” based on the science of Hollywood movie advertisements design.

Exposure and Management Consultant of K.E.M.P Group and Associates, LLC; Kurt Lucien, is using the influence of social media in a personal branding campaign that is attracting a lot of responses. He deployed a technique known as Exposure Authority Branding to help position himself as a leader in the marketing & management consulting marketplace.

Due to numerous recent successes, Lucien was nominated to take part in this one-of-a-kind campaign based on the science of movie advertisements design psychology.

When asked about his thoughts of being included – Mr. Lucien replied, “It’s a pleasure being included in this unique personal branding exercise”, Business Owners are constantly struggling to find a way to stand out from the competition and get more customers. The old way was to only spend a fortune by trying to get their site ranked in Google, or even throw away thousands of dollars a week on advertising, but there is a new way of capturing your prospects attention that your competitors have not tried yet.”  

The idea of Exposure Authority Branding is based on Hollywood movie advertisements designs, and the thinking behind them. Entrepreneurs can use the same concepts in their social media branding campaigns.

There is a growing importance for entrepreneurs and professionals to be viewed as an authority, or even a celebrity, in their industry.

The exposure authority branding concept, aids with that problem by using certain queues that will influence viewers to see the subject in the images as an authority.

Lucien stated, “There are some complex mindset techniques used to influence you to see a movie. Their goal is for the movie advertisements to become one and the same with the movie. For example, there are shared components featured on every well­-designed movie poster. I’ve incorporated the same ones to increase my business’s brand and image. I’m thrilled to help innovate this new division of the personal branding world.”

Kurt Lucien:
#1 International Best Selling Author, International Speaker, Exposure and Management Consultant. Kurt Lucien is a serial entrepreneur and business contributor for Business Innovators Radio, Business Innovators Magazine, Small Business Trendsetters, CNN iReport, and USA Today. He is also the founder of K.E.M.P Group And Associates, LLC., President of Karitsu, Inc., as well as, an Educator and Advocate for small businesses. Kurt has also traveled the world speaking, educating, and enlightening his audiences.

K.E.M.P Group And Associates, LLC:
Lives by their mission of helping business-owners become more competitive, expand their brands, grow their companies and achieve their business goals, by providing clients with Strategic Consulting, In-depth Research, Focused Competition Analysis and forming a Comprehensive Business Growth Blueprint all geared towards getting more brand exposure, saving money on recurring expenses, and growing their business by getting new customers, having their current customers purchase more frequently, and simply getting more referrals.

Lucien’s branding campaign can be seen on the Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/TheSuccessDirector, and more information about the K.E.M.P Group And Associates, LLC can be found at http://ExposureMarketingCompany.com.

Company Name: K.E.M.P Group And Associates, LLC
Contact Person: Kurt Lucien
Email: kurtl@ExposureMarketingCompany.com
Phone: (786) 708-5558
Country: USA
Website: http://ExposureMarketingCompany.com