LA based Affiliate Marketing Consultant Rachel S. Lee Is Awarded ClickFunnels Highest Honour “The 2 Comma Club” Award

Published on February 26, 2018

Celebrating her two year anniversary of moving to Southern California to pursue dreams of entrepreneurialism, digital marketer Rachel S. Lee received her prestigious award, for surpassing $1 million in sales with an ecommerce sales funnel.

She says that her use of the funnel building software ClickFunnels, and their online training and education program, were key in her accomplishments.

Her favourite software programs are available on a 2- week free trial though this link:

“Thanks to ClickFunnels I have no boss, no nagging clients, and no alarm clock… Since I started using this software a couple of years ago, I’ve worked with hundreds of automated sales funnels for ecommerce, digital products, coaching, and even built my entire website on it. It’s true there was plenty to learn, and still much to learn, but there’s a tutorial for everything, supportive community, and hundreds of templates.”

Since the achievement, her new focus is showing other entrepreneurs how they can increase their monthly revenue, through recurring affiliate commissions, often for the online platforms and tools they are already using.

Russell Brunson, founder of ClickFunnels says about the ongoing prizes awarded to marketers “You can’t help but change the world, when you make a million dollars with your funnel – and that’s what really matters.” ClickFunnels makes a point to recognize every time a user creates a funnel that earns over $1,000,000 in revenue, so that their accomplishment is recognized and validated, for everyone to feel inspired by.

Brunson himself started online marketing 10 years ago with a goal of earning an extra $1000 monthly, when he saw a peer in online marketing share his success story of earning $1,000,000 in just 1 day, selling an online course. John Reese, to Russell Brunson, is like the athlete who broke the 4-minute mile, opening up a new world of potential for everyone. Witnessing Reese’s accomplishment transformed Brunson’s own thinking, and actions, and after three years of sustained efforts to model his hero, he made a million dollars in a year, then a month, and then a day.

Rachel S. Lee is available for speaking engagements and interviews with business and entrepreneur media channels; where she shares how online marketing and affiliate marketing transformed her vision for her life and the direction she was heading.

She has done over 100 speaking engagements, including sharing her personal story in a motivational presentation for the audience of sue TALKS Successful Unstoppable Empowering: Women Changing the Face of Business:

Lee is a graduate of a Humboldt State University for business marketing.

Lee is also a bestselling book author: her first book, Transform Your Reality: Practical Ways to Make a 360 in Your Life was inspired by her own journey learning to overcome lowered expectations of others, after experiencing failure and disappointment in your life. It is available in print and ebook format on Amazon at

Lee makes frequent YouTube training videos and hosts live video masterminds where she shows entrepreneurs how to scale their businesses online. More about her success story including what brought her to become a member of the “2 Comma Club”, is online at

Her private mentorship program, affiliate marketing course and coaching programs are included on her website at

Join Lee’s Facebook Group Affiliate Marketing for Entrepreneurs, where she offers livestream and free training, resources and a community of other marketers

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