LA Based Affiliate Marketing Mentor Rachel S. Lee Achieves ClickFunnels Dream Car Award

Published on September 20, 2018

Los Angeles - Less than a year from the time she set her sights on achieving ClickFunnels main affiliate performance reward, the “Dream Car Bonus”, millennial entrepreneur and affiliate marketing expert Rachel S. Lee has reached her goal.

Previously, in February she received the ClickFunnels “2 Comma Club Award” for her part in creating and managing a funnel that generated more than $1,000,000 in sales with her e-comm team.

She is one of very few women to have received either ClickFunnels primary business awards, and even more rare to receive both awards just 6 months apart.

One thing she says has been most important for her accomplishment “The key to success I’ve found is traffic: organic traffic is slower, paid traffic is faster & scalable. Take your best performing organic content and make it paid. My top paid traffic sources are Facebook ads and Google/YouTube ads, solo ads and I am always open all traffic sources. Even press releases have been a great source of traffic and long-lasting Google SEO.”

The trick to accomplishing omnipresence is effectively delegating and outsourcing administrative & social tasks to a team of contractors, according to Lee. “Managing Instagram, my Facebook Page, a few Facebook groups, LinkedIn, and YouTube channels to generate organic traffic for funnels, all require a lot of time and paid help. I can’t even remember how many free funnel templates, strategies, and email templates I’ve given away, to drive traffic to the funnels!”

“My job as an affiliate marketer is to provide the best resources to help people solve problems. I love it because i never really have to sell to people, i just help them with their buying decisions by offering trainings and review, all on automation.”

“Surround yourself with people on the same path who have the results you want.” Lee says her biggest strength was in her network. Leveraging her contacts and working with other people, especially influencers in her field. She says a key influencer in her achievement includes Spencer Mecham, ClickFunnels current top affiliate who himself accomplished 2,500+ signups in less than 1 year, from his coaching and FB group as well as the opportunity to interview him for her own FB group.

Now, Lee’s vision for herself is to become the #2 ClickFunnels affiliate behind Mecham. 

Lee recently returned from Sean Cannell and Charlene Johnson’s “Grow With Video Live” event in Las Vegas, which she says was especially valuable for getting that extra motivation to take massive action… She also plans to attend Funnel Hacking Live (ClickFunnels annual conference) again next year, to connect with many of her affiliate clients and friends, and collect her new awards.

Rachel S. Lee’s own affiliate training and coaching program Daily Commissions Club is at and for more varied funnel information she shares bonuses and discounts at

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