Lance T. Walker of We Hire Heroes, LLC Is Helping Job-Seeking Veterans And Employers Connect

Published on August 27, 2014

Lance T. Walker is committed to helping employers hire veterans and veterans find employment. With We Hire Heroes, LLC, he seeks to bring the two groups together.

Lance T. Walker of We Hire Heroes, LLC (, is dedicated to helping former servicemen and women find gainful and meaningful employment at the conclusion of the their military service.

An online resource, We Hire Heroes, LLC is able to place military veterans in jobs across the country, offer job search education, and provide support for those who have already made great sacrifices for their country.

“We Hire Heroes is an online job board and career resource center that connects employers looking to hire military veterans with veterans that are looking for them,” Walker says.

Boasting a huge social media following – with over eleven thousand members on LinkedIn alone – We Hire Heroes LLC is currently the fourth most popular veterans’ job site on the Internet, according to Walker.

“We have a social media network that connects more than 20 million veterans, spouses, recruiters, and supporters online,” Walker says.

A boon to job-seeking veterans, We Hire Heroes LLC also serves as a resource for employers who are actively seeking to hire and recruit veterans.

Working with We Hire Heroes, LLC, employers can gain access to a database of job-seeking veterans, let a marketing team put nine different social media platforms to work for them, and take comfort in the knowledge that they are doing their part in reducing the number of unemployed veterans.

For veterans, Walker says, enlisting We Hire Heroes, LLC to assist in their job search gives them access to a multitude of job listings specifically targeted for their skillsets and access to training, education, support, and coaching to help them find and secure their perfect jobs.

“The We Hire Heroes mission is priceless to both employers and transitioning veterans,” Walker says. “Our heroes find hope and opportunities as they transition successfully back to the civilian work world, while employers and recruiters get highly trained, experienced professionals who are disciplined, driven, motivated, and committed to completing assigned tasks – both individually and in teams.”

Walker, a veteran himself, is committed to helping former service personnel transition from a life in the military to a rewarding career after discharge. Operating in fifty-five districts with plans to expand to over one hundred by 2015, We Hire Heroes, LLC provides a necessary bridge between employers who urgently need to hire staff, but also want to hire veterans and veterans who want access to quality job listings that are tailored to suit them. In fact, Walker says, providing that link is one of the most rewarding aspects of his job.

“Few causes are more worthy than making sure those who’ve defended our freedom with their very lives are gainfully employed after service,” Walker says. “As an Air Force veteran myself, I love being able to provide a benefit that I wish had been available when I transitioned to civilian life back in 1987.”

One client, Walker says, faced significant challenges finding a job in the United States after her discharge from the military. With the help of We Hire Heroes, LLC, she was able to quickly secure fulfilling and lucrative civilian employment stateside.

“After separating from the Army, Aisha worked assignments for a defense contractor in Europe because she couldn’t find a good paying job in the States,” Walker says. “We completed a four week telephone coaching program, focused on upgrading her LinkedIn presence, resume, and her ability to discover employment opportunities she hadn’t realized were there.”

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