Lange and Jamie Patrick, Real Estate Agents & Advisors with Compass, Interviewed on the Colorado Real Estate Leaders Podcast

Published on April 6, 2023

Lange and Jamie Patrick discuss the benefits of choosing a married couple to represent you in real estate.

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For many reasons, choosing a married couple to represent someone in real estate is an excellent decision. Having two perspectives can help people obtain the best deal possible and ensure all details are handled. Married couples have experience working together as a team, so they understand how to approach each situation from different angles and provide comprehensive feedback. Additionally, married couples can empathize with both parties of the transaction—the buyer and the seller—to create fair deals that benefit all involved.

Having two people also means double the negotiating power. Marriages often come with built-in trust and communication channels, making it easier for them to collaborate toward successful outcomes rather than relying on one person to get the job done. This makes it more likely that a client’s deal will have better results and fewer issues than if only one real estate agent were involved. Furthermore, married couples tend to have a more comprehensive network of contacts, which means they can access resources and connections not available to just one agent.

Lange and Jamie said: “Working with a married couple in real estate is an excellent choice for those looking for top-notch representation and negotiations. The combined experience and dedication of two people working together will provide you with the best possible outcome when dealing with your property purchase or sale. Therefore, don’t hesitate to consider a married couple as your representatives—you won’t be disappointed!”


 About Lange and Jamie Patrick

Jamie is a trustworthy leader known for kindness, conviction and a never give up spirit.  She has a unique ability to anticipate outcomes throughout the real estate transaction, giving her clients a true advantage. Before becoming a realtor, Lange spent 30 years serving people as a non-profit and hospitality professional. He is a trusted leader in the Denver area with a reputation for instant connection and exceptional service.  Together, the Patricks relate quickly and deeply with everyone and leverage their wide sphere of influence on behalf of their clients. Lange and Jamie are also dedicated parents to 5 children, including one extra special kid with Down syndrome, and love great food and family adventures. Jamie and Lange excel at helping buyers and sellers fulfill their next chapter but, more importantly, build relationships that last a lifetime.

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