Latest Book in the Case for Common Sense Series Helps Residents Stop Urban Decay and Create Healthy Cities

Published on January 30, 2016

Detroit was once hailed as the “Pearl of the North East”; it boasted the highest per-capita income of any American city, a booming economy, a rich cultural life, and a model school system.

Today Detroit is in ruins. The once-great city’s primary claim to fame now is that its fall led to the most massive bankruptcy in the history of the US. Luxury homes and even iconic buildings stand abandoned and derelict, ravaged by vandals. The school system has deteriorated from corruption and neglect to the point that over half of the adult population is illiterate and the teachers have to stage a “sick out” and turn to social media where they post pictures of their damaged and rodent-infested classrooms in an effort to spark enough public outcry to force the apathetic school board to make repairs.

The blight that killed Detroit threatens other American cities, none are immune, and we see the symptoms in news reports every day, another city bankrupt, jobs lost, schools in disrepair, scandals and fraud at the highest government levels.

There is hope, however. One city, in particular, stands as a shining example of provident governance and forethought. This city has had its share of “growing pains” but each time, those in charge dealt with the problem early and thoroughly to prevent it from happening again.

The wise learn from the experiences of others. If we look closely at these two cities, and learn from them, we can stop the spread of blight and preserve our country.

The latest book in The Case for Common Sense series, Detroit and Salt Lake City: A Tale of Two Cities, is a careful study of each city with side–by-side comparisons that clearly show what works, what doesn’t and what residents can do to make their city a stable, healthy place to live. 

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