Launch of The Daoist DC Course: The World’s First Physio-Pathic Training Program for Chiropractic Physicians

Published on January 27, 2023

The Daoist DC Course is a newly created physio-pathic course that marries elements of Daoist Chinese medicine & Chiropractic healing, to reveal the physical cues practitioners can use to help their clients restore function and lead healthier lives.

After owning a chiropractic clinic for almost 20 years, and almost 30 years helping patients get healthy with solutions specifically for them with patient education a major focus. Even though she saw many miracles and confirmed her dedication to a different approach for Doctors, Valeri still felt there was more to offer and teach patients.

Her solution is the new Daoist DC Course offered through a division of Holistic Dermal Professionals, which shares secrets of the Elite Art of Healing taught to Valeri directly by Chinese Masters. Valeri has been asked to share this information, so that more people can heal – even though it has not been previously shared with the general public or in medical schools.

The Daoist DC Course blends Daoist Chinese Medicine into Chiropractic practices, to provide the ultimate PHYSIO-PATHIC healing experience to patients, and a powerful competitive advantage for Doctors of Chiropractic, working to evolve into wellness and true family-focused practices. Docs who go through the course will be able to help more people, better serving the needs of their patients while allowing them to showcase their uniqueness.

The Physio-Pathic approach of the Daoist DC Course is a new method of treating patients that creates a new understanding of physiology and its function on health and wellness for better and more lasting results.

For most people, genetics get more credit than they deserve; Valeri knows that it is actually lifestyle choices (epigenetics) that is the major determining factor of wellness or dis-ease.

Symptoms and illnesses are merely wake up calls letting us know that we need to make some changes, otherwise our health will continue to deteriorate. Symptoms and illnesses do not mean we are broken. The body always responds perfectly to the way we feed our body, mind, and spirit.

Michelle Valeri, of McKinney, Texas, is a Chinese medicine consultant, published author, speaker, and founder of Holistic Dermal Professionals. With 3 decades of allopathic, holistic, and Daoist Chinese medicine education & experience, Valeri is committed to training her patients, wellness-focused Estheticians and Chiropractic physicians, with the sacred healing arts from her authentic Masters.

Holistic Dermal Professionals teaches estheticians to understand the clues provided by the body and the reason it manifests skin conditions in the first place, that skin conditions aren’t the result of a lack of a specialized serum, and that having a proficient understanding of the body is necessary to understand how to better serve clients in reaching their beauty goals.

Valeri has partnered with Kats Chiropractic Consultants Practice Management to provide the next level insights for chiropractic business growth courses & coaching, and effective course structure for ease of learning and implementation. Kats Consultants has been coaching Chiropractic physicians for more than 30 years to better serve their patients.

Because there is so much conflicting and misinformation out there about who and what to believe, patients often feel lost, especially those who wish to take a route that doesn’t include medication or more invasive methods often recommended by their primary care physician.

Now is the time to teach patients what their body is communicating, and the solutions to resolve their health and wellness concerns.

Valeri believes strongly in the power of people to heal themselves if they understand what their bodies are trying to communicate.

“The body always warns us when something is out of balance, and it always tells us what we need to restore that balance so the body can harmonize…we just don’t know how to decipher the clues and we ignore them.

It begins with a whisper, then gets louder with each level of misalignments, until it begins screaming at us with a major diagnosis. We need to start paying attention to these clues before things become an emergency or a terminal health issue.” – Michelle Valeri

Michelle’s new book, JUST PEACHY will be released in Spring 2023. It will demonstrate how the body functions, allowing patients and providers to have a different perspective on health, wellness, and the solutions available to restore balance and function in the body.

Valeri became a licensed Esthetician through Georgia Career Institute and prior to beginning her Chinese medicine education, was a guest speaker at several of their locations. She credits her education and practice experiences with revealing to her the gaps in education for the industry; pushing her to create courses and solutions. Before creating the Daoist DC Course, Valeri was a physiotherapist and owner of a successful Chiropractic clinic as well as

Life is just one adjustment after another. If you’re willing to do the work, you can change your destiny.

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