Laura Ghedina To Speak At Systemic Constellation Conference On Weight Loss And Emotional Eating

Published on November 13, 2015

Laura Ghedina, a Pennsylvania-based entrepreneur who teaches women burdened by physical and emotional weight how to move past their limitations instantly, will be presenting this weekend to the 2015 North American Systemic Constellations Conference in San Diego, CA.

Systemic Constellations is a therapeutic approach that recognizes how family history can create personalized stories and retelling these stories can relieve chronic suffering from symptomatic emotional and mental health issues.

Ghedina was chosen to present on stage alongside international leaders after establishing herself as a leader in the field, specializing in helping people heal emotional eating and weight issues.

Conference organizer Karen Carnabucci and author of Show and Tell Psychodrama, says “Laura Ghedina’s innovative work with weight is a perfect fit for the conference. She has created an innovative approach to addressing weight loss using the approach that is not well known in the United States, yet has tremendous potential for making changes quickly and easily.

“Our conference in San Diego is offering this alternative perspective — that many of our difficult life problems and mental health struggles have roots in intergenerational family trauma and can literally disappear when they are addressed with this experiential process.”

“Two thirds of the American population is overweight and stats show only 5% keep weight off successfully after a typical weight loss diet” says Ghedina. ”I am excited to present my new results from my work on how family dynamics and our own emotional blueprint controls body weight and health.

This approach is the missing key to typical weight loss diets – the focus is on identifying and resolving covert emotional causes for excess weight so that anyone can move to their ideal body weight, and learn to love themselves and their body in all its beauty”

Karen Carnabucci shares in her book how systemic constellations are a new approach to dealing with weight and emotional issues “Most people deal with overeating and overweight – as well traditional eating disorders – with dieting and calories. Traditional psychotherapy traditionally looks at the immediate family or specific traumatic incidents in the life of the person seeking help. The healing process of Family Constellations offers the new perspective that many of our problems have roots in intergenerational family trauma.

The person may have little or no knowledge of specific family messages about food or knowledge about any kind of personal trauma. Here, the ancestral dynamic is not conscious but the person continues to respond to the ancestral legacy.”

Ghedina’s business is also a sponsor of this years’ event, where attendees and participants can access exclusive offers, and have the opportunity to meet with Ghedina in a mini-consultation; to find clarity in identifying the next steps necessary to lose weight.

Her unique and effective approach to using systemic constellations for clients has earned her the enviable position of presenting workshops locally and training clients around the world including Germany, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, and all over the US. Ghedina has also presented to the Association of Waldorf Schools in North America (AWSNA) for “Creating Healthy Communities” regarding the systemic constellation approach.

Tracy, a constellation facilitator in New Zealand says about Ghedina “I appreciate her insight, supportive approach to clearing emotional blocks, and her quick and powerful process. As a result I feel lighter, and less weighed down by old energy that I’ve been carrying for a long time. I look forward to standing fully in my new spirit, and feel very blessed.”

One of Ghedina’s clients states “I’ve known for a long time that it’s ‘not about the food,’ and it was wonderful to work with someone who really understood that. Our time together was moving, and very meaningful.”

Jon Gabriel, a leader in weight loss who coined the term “emotional obesity” has said in interviews that just using visualization can create a physical experience your body believes is real. Having therapeutic imaginary dialogues with family members to review traumatic experiences or storylines can retrain your brain and body to believe a new healthier personal story.

San Diego area press are welcomed to attend the conference with credentials; Laura Ghedina will be available for an interview along with members of the steering committee. Non local bloggers and media can participate live using the #conconf2015 hashtag.

Holidays are just around the corner, and that comes with travel, extra family stress and opportunities to stress-eat and overindulge. Ghedina’s tips on how to get through the holidays can be heard on the Mommacast by Laura Jean podcast available from iTunes November 15. 

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