Leading Businesswomen Unite to Share Essential Tips for Creating Success and Cultivating a Boss Mindset

Published on August 2, 2023

11 Top Women In Business Share Tips To Create Success And Build A Boss Women Mindset.

Having a boss mindset is crucial for success in today’s evolving climate. It involves taking charge of one’s goals, being proactive, and maintaining a resilient attitude in the face of challenges. The halfway point of 2023 serves as a timely reminder for those who may have slowed in their journey to reevaluate and refocus on pursuing yearly aspirations. Now is the perfect time to realign efforts, stay committed and make significant strides toward success. 

To provide a powerful reminder of determination from leading businesswomen who have faced adversity and achieved greatness by establishing a boss mindset– the CEO and Founder of TMSP Agency, Mark Stephen Pooler, has gathered advice from eleven extraordinary women to instill a renewed sense of vigor and motivation. Their stories serve as a beacon of inspiration, showing that one can overcome obstacles and find the strength to get back on track through dedication and perseverance.

International best-selling author, globally renowned transformational leader, and star of the worldwide movie phenomenon, The Secret, Dame Marie Diamond, believes victory comes from creating and maintaining a winning mindset and envisioning the positive changes the world will receive due to that success. She advises carefully aligning optimistic visioning with aspirations, creating a work environment that fosters abundance and listening to internal voices of wisdom to stay on track.

Lalitha Donatella Riback, author, spiritual teacher and certified 200% life coach, shares a valuable tool known as Vedic astrology. This ancient system of knowledge can help individuals succeed by providing insights into their strengths, weaknesses, favorable time periods, and potential life path, allowing them to make informed decisions and optimize their efforts toward their goals.

Dr. Rhonda M. Wood, CEO of RMW Global Enterprises, is a prominent voice for mental health advocacy. Rhonda found that developing a grit factor–a combination of persistence and passion– is vital when facing difficulties. And knowing the ‘why’ behind any mission, representing the purpose, is crucial for choosing the right path. 

Shannon Whittington, CEO of Whittington Consulting, is deeply committed to transforming healthcare in the workplace for the LGBTQ+ community. Shannon’s tip for those who feel their dreams are out of reach is to be consistent and to just get started–even when the ‘how’ is an unknown. 

Elite leader Neringa Petrulyte used a boss mindset to become the founder of a billion-dollar global beauty brand. In life and business, Neringa consistently refuses to give up on her belief in herself, embraces the value of making mistakes along the way, and never loses sight of the bigger picture. She constructs a positive vision of all she desires to create her success, knowing that victory does not happen by accident.

Desiree Anderson, Founder of Crest Coaching & HR, is a master-level coach, work and career specialist who helps individuals live a life they love. To realize a dream, Desiree outlines an effective way to get there. Start small, create SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely) goals, and identify what ‘good’ looks like for the finish line. 

Michelle Reinglass, a reformed lawyer turned mediator, speaker, author, balance expert and Reiki master, embraces an ‘intention, attention and retention philosophy’ to guide her boss mindset. By setting intention, the chances of accomplishing goals increase significantly. Giving the intention attention signals the brain to prepare, while retention of this mindset leads to consistency and authenticity–combined, this leads to success.

Coaching and radio presenter, Annette Greenwood, believes in honesty, integrity and communication as key ingredients for success. One of Annette’s favorite tips is to welcome the new, keep improving and acclimatize to changing times. 

Jackie Brennan is an international speaker, coach and CEO and Founder of Workplace Wellbeing. Jackie recognizes that many people hesitate to pursue ideas for fear of making mistakes. However, by staying within a comfort zone, what people miss out on are valuable opportunities. Success often requires venturing into the unknown and trying new approaches.

Wioleta Kapusta, relationship transformation guide, was trained by successful mentors to transform her relationship with herself and others and has passed on this knowledge to help countless others. The most crucial factor to creating business success for Wioleta is having a clear, unwavering vision and never going against intuition.

Stephanie Thompson is a multi-award-winning international business empowerment coach and best-selling author of Plan and Launch your coaching business in 12 steps. Stephanie’s boss mindset entails building a roadmap for success, including creating a vision and measures to keep focused and establishing mini-milestones to celebrate achievements along the way.

Adopting a boss mindset can be a powerful tool for achieving success when combined with a sense of integrity, empathy, and the many other tips above. By embracing this mentality, women can navigate challenges with resilience, lead with determination and ultimately pave the way toward their desired achievements. 




Mark Stephen Pooler is the Founder, Editor in Chief, Media & News Publisher of MSP News Global. Mark oversees the company’s media business and its intersection with global business leaders. Before forming MSP News Global in 2020, Mark spent his time as a Professional Speaker, International Bestselling Author, Radio Host, and PR & Media Specialist. Mark is also the Founder of TMSP Agency, a Premium Media and PR Agency. He helps high-profile entrepreneurs share their stories globally through PR and digital media. When not working with his valued clients, Mark enjoys spending time with Lilly, his four-legged bestie.


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