Leading Coaching Expert, Jeweliet Tangen, Launches New Wealth-Building Program: 7 Weeks to 7 Figures

Published on January 3, 2019

Renowned coaching expert, Jeweliet Tangen, will launch her newest wealth-building 7 Weeks to 7 Figures program this year as part of her mission to help clients succeed in business in 2019.

Tangen is the founder of the Strategy Loft. Since 2016, she has taught coaches how to increase their income to seven figures – and she has a host of success stories that show she knows what she’s doing. In fact, last year alone, she helped 150 clients hit a half million in revenue and another six reach the million-dollar mark.

“Since working with (Jeweliet), I have ten times my business. When we started, I was making $5k a month and this July we generated $63.2,” said James Lance, coach and client.

“I will tell you, (Jeweliet) has an amazing amount of wisdom in organic marketing and life experiences,” said Diane Herman, CPA and client.

Tangen has especially had success with coaches who have a positive track record but have stalled in reaching the next level of growth. She not only teaches them solid skills related to getting repeat business, branding, marketing, and system improvements but also helps them adjust the mindset that may be limiting them.  What does she attribute her success rate to?

“I am convinced that my clients have succeeded financially because giving back becomes core to their business approach,” said Tangen. “When you know that you can help others as well as yourself by increasing revenue, you are more open to adopting the new strategies and tactics I share to help them succeed. Then growth becomes almost innate.”

Tangen has made it her year-round mission to not only make the business owners she helps wealthy, but also helps them to foster their own brand of giving. In fact, her motto is Make More So You Can Give More.

For more information and to register for the upcoming 7 Weeks to 7 Figures program, schedule a free initial consultation or inquire about general services, go to https://meetme.so/JewelietTangen 

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