Lee Baucom, Ph.D. Uses Relationship Coaching to Turn the Tide on Marriage Survival Odds

Lee Baucom, Ph.D. Uses Relationship Coaching to Turn the Tide on Marriage Survival Odds

Relationship coach, Lee Baucom, Ph.D., was a featured speaker on Influencers Radio show, where he shared how relationship coaching can be more successful than marriage therapy in helping those who are struggling with their marriage.

Relationship coach and author, Lee Baucom, Ph.D., was the featured guest on Influencers Radio with Jack Mize, where he shared the different success rates which can be had using relationship coaching versus using traditional marriage therapy.

Trained as a marriage therapist, Baucom realized early in his career that this type of therapy was not working very well in helping those who were struggling with their relationships. Passionate about helping failing marriages stay together happily, he sought better strategies that would help to save marriages.

He discovered that relationship coaching works much better in helping to turn around a failing marriage. The focus of relationship coaching differs from the focus of therapy or counseling.

According to Baucom, “In marriage therapy, a lot of times, if you go to a therapist, you’re ready to tell them all the bad stuff that happened and that’s what happens. We get all that bad stuff out and then suddenly, we’re stuck. And relationship coaching is really about how you’re moving forward. You’re really aiming forward. You’re trying to get somewhere different. So that’s what I do. I do relationship coaching.”

His focus on relationship coaching is bolstered by the high success he is having versus the dismal success rates for salvaging a marriage using traditional marriage therapy.

One of the unique aspects of coaching is the ability to work with just one of the two spouses and ending up with positive results. The success that Baucom has using this strategy is primarily based on simple steps he uses, which though simple, are not easy steps.

Baucom points out some personal observations he has made over time. He has noticed that one-hundred percent of marriages have problems. He believes this makes a marriage with problems a normal marriage.

The second statistic he has observed is that fifty percent of couples figure out ways of dealing with their problems and the other fifty percent just give up and walk away. These two groups deal with their problems differently.

Since it’s normal to have problems, he believes this presents an opportunity for growth and working on resolving these problems. This is what he helps couples do – with a focus on moving forward and not always looking back or placing blame on anyone.

Baucom helps couples find what their destination is in their relationship and helps them get there. In his book, How to Save Your Marriage in Three Simple Steps, Baucom discusses what he calls 3 Cs to help accomplish this. The first C is Connect with Your Spouse. He explores different ways of connecting and how to rebuild those connections.

The second C is Change Yourself. Typically, in a failing relationship, each spouse is blaming the other and trying to change the other person. Baucom helps individuals change themselves in different ways, change their own lives and become engaged in life. He teaches that person to be one-hundred percent responsible for what happens, rather placing blame on someone else.

He states, “Blame is when you’re looking for who did this. Responsibility is how I am able to respond to this differently. … I’m shifting people toward saying how can I be responsible for how I enter into my part of this relationship? How do I become responsible for my part of life? How can I be different in the relationship? How can I be different in life? And that’s going to impact the relationship.”

The third C is Create a New Path. Creating a new path has to involve a partnership, a “we” – thinking and reacting as a team, together. It is holding out a vision for getting to a place where a couple is functioning together.

Relationship coaching is a strategy that many couples are not aware of and it is a strategy worth trying.

You can hear the full interview at: http://influencersradio.com/lee-baucom-ph-d-how-to-save-your-marriage-even-if-you-are-the-only-one-interested/

Visit: http://savethemarriageblog.com for more information.

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