Lena Anani Offers Writing Coaching Services That Win Clients And Increase Prestige

Published on December 18, 2014

Lena Anani offers coaching services that help clients publish their own works for greater personal and professional success.

Becoming a published author is the number one way for an entrepreneur to become an authority in their respective field and Lena Anani of Noteworthy Wisdom (www.NoteworthyWisdom.com) helps her clients do just that.

“I help heart-centered entrepreneurs become successful noteworthy authors,” Anani says.

Working with Anani, clients can expect to get: a finished paperback book, clarity on their mission, purpose, and what they do with their lives, seen as an authority and expert in their field, the self confidence that come as with success that extends beyond business and into their personal lives, and to reach people on a global level because their books are available for sale worldwide.

Anani’s mission is to help her clients achieve their business goals by leading them through the book-writing process, getting those books published and available for sale, and develop a successful business platform through publication.

“I’ve created an easy foolproof system for my clients to follow to actually get their book done,” Anani says. “I’ve created a one-stop-shop done-for-you program so that my clients just have to show up and write, and we take care of the rest.”

A published author herself, Anani’s experience informs her method of instruction and development.

“I’ve helped several heart-centered entrepreneurs successfully write and publish their first book. I’ve helped authors develop a successful platform because of them launching their book,” Anani says. “I’ve turned my own passion into a thriving soul-quenching business. I’ve written and published several books of my own, with more on the way.”

At the end of Anani’s program, her clients receive a finished copy of their book.

“A tangible result,” Anani says. “They get clarity on their mission, purpose, and what they do with their lives. They get seen as an authority and expert in their field. They gain self-confidence that spreads across their personal and professional life.”

One of her recent clients, Sally Scofield, author of “Light Up Your Soul”, successfully wrote and published her book with within the past year. Since then, Scofield says, she has gained more confidence, received much praise from her community, and from people she’s never met before.

“She’s become very clear on her purpose and platform, amped up her desire to get out there in a big way, started taking focused action towards attaining her business goals, attracted more of her ideal clients,  and has been invited as a paid professional speaker to expand on the topics from her book in front of a large audience,” Anani says. “She is the shining example of what it’s like to be a heart-centered entrepreneur and an author with integrity sharing her noteworthy wisdom with the world.”

Anani first perceived the need for Noteworthy Wisdom while working with coaching clients who seemed to need more support in writing than what was currently on offer.

“I offer an all-inclusive experience with lots of accountability and support to help them write and publish their book from start to finish,” Anani says. “I offer a one-on-one Brainstorm Your Book coaching experience as an affordable first step to help aspiring authors get started with writing and publishing their book.”

For more information on Lena Anani and Noteworthy Wisdom, visit www.NoteworthyWisdom.com.

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