LeRiche Marketing Publishes a Step by Step Guide to Generate Consistent Leads on LinkedIn in 30 days

Published on October 7, 2019

LeRiche Marketing just published a book on Amazon that helps businesses fill their sales pipeline with targeted leads using the power of LinkedIn. It's a step by step guide that gets results within 30 days or less

LeRiche Marketing is a local marketing agency based in Montreal Quebec that helps small to medium size businesses use the web efficiently to promote their products and services.

For the last 2 years the owner, Eric LeRiche, has been focusing on LinkedIn for all his B2B clients simply because nothing else was giving him the amount of leads he was getting for his clients and more importantly, contrarily to the classic paid ads where once you stop paying, it all ends then and there.

With this method he is able to create an asset for them. This basically means that on top of the leads he creates short term for his clients, all the connections that didn’t take them up on their offers on the spot remain in their network so they can contact them directly as often as they like without having to deal with gatekeepers.

Mr LeRiche decided to publish a book on Amazon called “A Step by Step Guide to Generating Consistent Leads Using LinkedIn: In 30 Days or Less

It’s about his proprietary method which took him 2 years to develop and fine tune simply because he realizes there is just no way he can help everyone so he thought he might as well teach that method to help businesses that want to fill their sales pipeline with targeted prospects and are interested in doing it themselves to stop wasting money on expensive lead generation that doesn’t work

The book was originally over 235 pages because it was filled with statistics and content that explained why LinkedIn is such a gold mine for B2B businesses but he decided to strip it all down to the essentials and only keep the actionable content without the fluff because he feels nowadays business owners already know LinkedIn is great but they just don’t know how to maximize it and this book will help anyone who implements this strategy.

To learn more about this amazing method just visit LeRicheMarketing.com

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