Let Sleeping Dogs Lie on Puppy Paw’s Comfortable New Dog Bed 

Published on March 18, 2022

Puppy Paw is announcing the launch of its first product that will have dogs and dog lovers sleeping easier.

Available on Amazon, the dog bed is science-based and available for dogs of all sizes.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. Mar15. 2022– Puppy Paw is announcing the launch of its first product that will have dogs and dog lovers sleeping easier – a science-based dog bed to give dogs functional comfort.

“We are passionate about making pets enjoy their lives both days and nights. We care about pets as much as we care about our best buddies and families,” said Puppy Paw Founder Alex Lee, who developed the bed after years of surveys, research, lab experiments, tests and trials.

The bed, which is on sale at Amazon, is a high-quality dog bed at an accessible price, with an ergonomic design. It is chew resistant, durable and waterproof and comes in three sizes: medium, for dogs up to 50 pounds; large, for dogs up to 75 pounds; and extra large, for dogs up to 100 pounds. Prices are $24.99 for the medium, $29.99 for the large and $49.99 for the extra large, and there is a 10 percent off coupon on Amazon.

The bed also has a removable washable cover, a waterproof liner and a non-skid bottom and uses a high-strength fabric treated with a special weaving process that is generally used for outdoor products.

Lee founded Sleep Zone in 2019 and, as a sleeping industry products developer, he is always curious about people’s sleep quality.

Then, he said, one day at a family gathering, inspiration struck.

“We had a chat about how much we enjoyed the sleeping products from Sleep Zone, and then my dog Simba came along. I thought to myself, Simba is my best buddy and my close family as well. Why haven’t I ever thought of designing a sleeping product for my best buddy, Simba? So here I am, with Puppy Paw launched this year along with our first pet product, our Puppy Paw dog bed.”

The new dog bed is made of Density 40 memory foam, using open cell technology, which is soft and resilient. It molds to the pet’s body for a good fit, thus protecting the pet’s joints to relieve pain and provide maximize comfort. The lower layer of foam is made of Density 25 supportive foam, also using close cell technology, which will not collapse when squeezed and can provide effective cushion support even for large dogs, and it will not flatten over time.

Additionally, the pet sleeping surface is made of a fine composite faux velvet fabric that is very cozy to the touch for all pets. The tightly woven fabric ensures no shedding under long-term use and it is more chewing resistant than ordinary sherpa or velvet.

“The excellent breathability and nice sheen ensure your pets more relaxed sleep. Your pet will love it,” Lee said.

Another feature of the Puppy Paw dog bed is its cooling gel particles evenly distributed in the memory foam, which continuously dissipates heat and wicks away moisture when in contact with pets’ skin, providing a cool and breathable sleeping environment.

To purchase a bed or to learn more about the product, visit the Puppy Paw page at Amazon at 


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