Life Coach Charlona Merritt Brings Women Empowerment Workshops to Santa Clarita

Published on April 14, 2016

Charlona Merritt, the founder of a non-profit that helps people learn to love themselves and spread that love to others, recently conducted a workshop with the goal of helping women to become the best version of themselves.

Charlona Merritt, founder of Latte Life, a non-profit organization that helps people love themselves and trains them to love others, was recently interviewed by mediapreneur Lisa Williams about her monthly workshop held in Santa Clarita, California. Prior to the interview, Williams prepared by attending Merritt’s most recent standing-room-only event for women entitled, “Becoming the Best Version of Me!”

Latte Life conducts workshops and hosts conferences to allow people to meet each other and interact in groups. Merritt puts a lot of time and effort into these events, because her life coaching activities mean the most to her. These events allow Merritt to sit one-on-one with clients and gain in-depth knowledge of their life experiences, so she can determine the best way to reach them and sort through their baggage to begin the process of healing and experiencing love.

Merritt only started her non-profit ten months ago, and even though the organization is open to anyone, the primary focus is on women. “We really focus on healing women, bringing love to women from all different walks of life,” Merritt said. Merritt revealed that her goal is to use the non-profit to reach women everywhere, to help bring them healing and to raise awareness of the mindset which too many women marinate in, and to change it.

The local community has responded very favorably to Merritt’s workshops. One local entrepreneur and community business furniture store owner, Lisa Taylor of Posh Furniture, became an early supporter of Latte Life, and is sponsoring Merritt’s workshops. Taylor had this to say, “I love what Char is doing, and believe it is very valuable for women in this community.”

Latte is actually an acronym for “Loving Always Teaching, Training and Empowering.” According to Merritt, “We’re going to teach individuals how to love themselves, and then we empower them to go out and teach someone else what they’ve learned.”

Merritt’s next workshop will take place on Saturday, April 16, 2016. The workshop will focus on the important and timely topic of “How to Land A Great Job and How to Keep One.”

The goal of the workshop is to create a winning resume, answer tough questions and learn what companies want from their employees. Merritt is slated to host a workshop each month, and the May workshop is already set for the Northern California Chapter and will be held in San Jose, California. The workshop will focus on “Becoming the Best Version of Me.”

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About Latte Life
LATTE Life (Loving Always, Teaching, Training, Empowering) is an organization focused on assisting individuals with identifying and defining those internal battles and struggles that we often call “problems.” Through empowerment seminars and life coaching, we work together to find the right solutions to personal challenges, and implement a customized game plan that will be most impactful and effective.

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