Lindenhurst Chiropractor Rebrand and Launch A New Website

Lindenhurst Chiropractor Rebrand and Launch A New Website

Wells Family Chiropractic rebrands and launches a new website showcasing the cutting edge chiropractic and other healing modalities they’ve brought to Lindenhurst Illinois

With the rebranding of Wells Chiropractic and Acupuncture to Wells Family Chiropractic, their website has been rebuilt and renewed. The website not only shows the extensive range of healing modalities that Dr. Jeffery Wells uses to help his patients, but also focuses on helping the entire family achieve an optimal wellness experience which inspired this rebranding.

Dr. Wells’ philosophy of The Power That Made the Body, Heals the Body is very evident with the way he treats his patients. In his own words, “We believe there is no limit to the healing potential of the body and therefore the conditions that can positively respond to chiropractic care.”

“It’s really our mission to deliver the most personalized and effective chiropractic and wellness care to our patients who range from newborns to the elderly so that they can live life to the fullest.” says Dr Wells.

The website illustrates the 3 areas that Wells Family Chiropractic specializes in: Advanced Pain Relief, Wellness Care and Pediatric Care and gives the online visitor an in-depth view into the their practice and what they can expect when they visit Dr Wells in Lindenhurst Illinois.

Besides Chiropractic, they also provides acupuncture and Trigenics as additional tools to help his patients heal.

Visit the new Wells Family Chiropractic website at and discover the healing that is happening right now in Lindenhurst!

About Dr. Jeffery Wells:

As an experienced Chiropractor in Lindenhurst Illinois, Dr. Wells is committed to promoting optimal health and well being of patients. He is a member of the Illinois Chiropractic Society, Foundation for Chiropractic Education & Research, and the Professionals Network of Lindenhurst and Gurnee. Dr. Wells is certified in Acupuncture from the Acupuncture Society of America, board certified in physiotherapy, and a national speaker for health, wellness, and happiness. Most recently, a national chiropractic organization recognized Dr. Wells with the prestigious “Top 25 Outstanding Doctors In America” award for his outstanding dedication and success.

For more information about Dr. Wells and Wells Family Chiropractic, please contact Shelby at: (847) 245-3202 or

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