Local Businesses Stampede To WallaZoom

Published on October 31, 2016

WallaZoom.com, a fast-growing and popular B2B web service, serves compelling marketing advantages to small businesses and consumers previously overlooked and underserved by other companies.

WallaZoom.com, with headquarters located in Colorado Springs, Colorado zooms in popularity due to the problems it solves for both consumers and businesses alike.  Highlighted as “The Local Business Search Engine That Shops For You”, it’s genius lies in its simplicity.

The advantages businesses have in using WallaZoom include constant communication with customers, flat fee advertising, price testing, finding new customers, instant ad creation and edits all included in what WallaZoom boasts as one price with no hidden fees. 

Interestingly, WallaZoom allows only local businesses to advertise.  Says founder and CEO Andy Curry, “This is important because local businesses are 87% more visible and the area’s consumers find what they want 93% faster.”  He goes on to say, “Consumers are busy and don’t like wasting time.  That’s why consumers love the part where WallaZoom shops for them and because it is so simple to use, they are loving it.”

Perhaps the most alluring feature of WallaZoom for both consumers and vendors is the alert system.  For example, WallaZoom doesn’t find millions of search results from all over the world but instead focuses only on the businesses in the consumer’s shopping area.  Plus, if WallaZoom doesn’t find what the consumer wants because no vendor currently offers it, the consumer simply clicks one button and WallaZoom keeps an eye out for him,  saving the consumer valuable time.  If a vendor advertises it, WallaZoom notifies him via a desktop app that sits, unobtrusively, on the consumer’s computer screen. 

Once an alert is generated, the consumer can save the alert as a reminder so he can keep track of alerts important to him. What’s more, the consumer can create other alerts that let them know if a business advertises something new and/or changes pricing on items. A simple click of the mouse is all it takes to activate it.  As a result, this has become a key communication tool between businesses and consumers exclusive to WallaZoom.  As Curry points out, “There is no other marketing tool for businesses that creates a way to communicate with consumers regularly in way consumers actually like.”

WallaZoom was in development for eleven months before released to the public and has a patent pending.  It is the brain child of founder and CEO, Andy Curry.  Curry has vast experience in marketing, retail, research, and web businesses which gave him the insight on the problems needing solved by WallaZoom. 

For information on WallaZoom, go to http://www.WallaZoom.com

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