The Silver Linings Storybook to Publish Toronto-Edition Storybook Featuring Stories From Interviews With Local Entrepreneurs & Professionals

Published on August 24, 2016

Social Sparkle & Shine begins the search for Toronto-area professionals and business owners to be included in the next Silver Linings Storybook book project that will benefit a local area charity.

Debbie Horovitch confirmed that today her service officially began a focused search for Toronto-area business owners & professionals who want to help others through challenging times in business, by sharing their own silver linings story, in the newest special edition of her book series that is modeled after the Chicken Soup for the Soul bestselling multi-author books.

This Toronto focused edition is a test for publisher Horovitch who is streamlining her process and learning from previous editions to coordinate much larger compilation books “The Silver Linings Storybook (Toronto Edition): 35 Heart-Warming Personal Stories to Inspire and Connect You to Your Dream Business or Career in Toronto”.

Explaining the search process, Horovitch said, “This is an important book for the brand and community, so I’ll only be reaching out to a select group of self-aware and evolved business professionals, who demonstrate their position as true advocates for the success of new professionals in the Toronto community, while at the same time are committed to spreading the word about charitable organizations that supports those who are struggling in our community. We’re looking for people who have an important story to share, that will help inspire other people going through a similar circumstance.”

Social Sparkle & Shine has pledged 100% of the royalties from the retail sales of the book to be donated to a local not for profit organization, the benefactor will be selected by nomination process of the complete group of featured professionals and will be announced publicly this Fall. They will additionally receive awareness to their message through feature participation in the promotion and publicity surrounding the book when it comes out in December.

Scheduled for a December 2016 retail release, “The Silver Linings Storybook (Toronto Edition)” will spotlight each of the business owners and professionals selected through the search, sharing their own personal silver linings stories – the proof from experience that the most difficult struggles we experience when getting into a new business or career path, are the necessary experiences to develop the skills and confidence in ourselves, to continue growing despite challenging circumstances.

Horovitch said, “This book isn’t just about how to start or succeed in business. The people we select to share their stories in this new edition are passionate about  helping others get through the difficult times in life. Their stories will share how their personal and professional struggles and experiences were often necessary to developing the skills or awareness to allow them to achieve their goals.

Volume 1 of Silver Linings Storybook really tried to bust the myths and misconceptions so many people have about hard times in life and how it impacts your ambition. For startups, especially those actively looking for investors and developing loyal clients, it can feel like a liability to admit to your struggles, and that can cause all sorts of other stresses and problems, including a sense that you’re all alone in your experience, and that the hard times you experience are an indication you’re doomed to fail”.

Horovitch went on to describe the book as, “… an everyday reference for any Toronto professional or business owner who needs to know that other real people in their area, have been through personal and professional struggles similar to, or as bad, or even worse than their own, and those struggles are directly credited for preparing them for future opportunities and achievements.”

With several industry leaders expressing interest in participating, Social Sparkle & Shine is expected to make an announcement revealing the final selections from her search campaign by September 12th, and will begin promoting the storytelling participants right away with podcast interviews and publicity opportunities.

However, Horovitch asserted, “One of the reasons we launched this search is because we didn’t want to go the common route of filling this book with stories about why the featured people are experts. This search would be unnecessary if that was the case.

“We anticipate a lot of exposure around this project, for both the charity benefactor and the people we select to be featured in the book, so we really want to showcase those special and often under-celebrated professionals who are actually in the trenches, working hard every day and willing to share that experience to benefit a great cause, and the success of other professionals in the city. That’s what will make this a win-win-win project.”

Find out more about this project, and nominate yourself or another person to be featured in an upcoming local or niche edition of The Silver Linings Storybook, by visiting the publisher Debbie Horovitch at or by calling 416-553-2157

Company Name: Social Sparkle & Shine
Contact Person: Debbie Horovitch
Phone: 416-553-2157
Country: Canada