Local Restaurants and Businesses Get Cashflow From Free Or Low-Cost Front Page Advertising In These Tough Times

Published on December 17, 2020

Communities Nationwide Band Together To Deliver Free to Low-Cost Front Page Advertising To Cash-Starved Local Restaurants and Businesses.

Mark Imperial, Founder of Community Buzz confirmed he has officially started giant-sized Billboard mailings in towns across America.

Imperial states, “Restaurants and Businesses are starving for cashflow, and mailing an invitation out to every home and business in a community is the #1 way to assure traffic into these establishments. Plus, delivery through the US Post Office gives peace of mind that the job gets done right.”

“It warms my heart when businesses sponsor a mailing.” Imperial continued, “Not only can they help 15 local restaurants and businesses get much needed FREE advertising, but their own business is also seen in the headlines so people can see how much they are helping their community.”

Mailings are guaranteed exposure, Imperial explained, “People think they are helping by posting, or creating local groups on Facebook.” Imperial continued, “That’s great, however, for example in my town, our Facebook group has less than 10K members and we know fewer than 30% typically see the posts. So, at most, only 3K people will see the post in a town of over 53,000. More than 50,000 are missed. According to data from the U.S. Postal Service, 98 percent of people check their mail daily, which supports the fact that direct mail is still the #1 most effective form of advertising.”

Imperial said about the process, “There are two ways a mailing is funded: One to three businesses sponsor an entire Billboard, and those sponsors nominate who get the FREE ads, whether they would be businesses in their circle of friends, or from the whole town. They can use it as gifts or bonuses for their own clients, for example.”

“Or, I’ve also had organizations, strip malls, and entire communities band together to split a card.” Imperial continued, “Simply put, it is co-operative advertising for any size group. They are essentially splitting the cost of the production, which includes writing, design, printing, delivery, postage, and management of the project. Community Buzz is the one-stop that handles the entire process and coordinates with the US Post Office for delivery.”

When asked how much mailings can cost a business or sponsor, Imperial said, “As a trade shop, we can design, print, and mail cheaper than anyone, so the costs are nominal.”

“For example,” Imperial described, “For a typical town of 10,000 homes and businesses, it could cost a business only $300 or $400 for a front-page ad. No other media gives you 100% exposure to 10,000 homes and businesses, which reaches over 25,000 people for that tiny investment, and a sponsor could cover everything.”

Imperial went on to explain what local businesses like the most about this program by saying, “I’ve had businesses tell me they have tried co-op mailings before and have had decent results. However, what they love about our Billboard Mailers is that every ad is a front-page ad because there are no pages to be hidden in, and no envelope to be buried in like pigs in a pen.”

“There are few other worthwhile options.” Imperial concluded by saying, “In these tough times, the old over-priced advertising methods aren’t helping, especially ones that ask for long-term contracts. Also, restaurants are being gouged by delivery services and even give up 30% of their sales in fees. These so-called “free” third-party services are costing them thousands! I designed Community Buzz with so many advantages: Owners can keep 100% of their sales, no commissions or fees; No long-term contracts; and the lowest split-cost possible, along with the superior visibility on the front page.”

For more information on sponsorship opportunities or to coordinate a co-op mailing, visit:

Company Name: Imperial Action
Contact Person: Shannon Rae
Email: media@imperialaction.com
Phone: (630) 923-5425
Country: United States
Website: http://imperialaction.com